Monday, January 30, 2023

IHS: Ultrabook Sales Lower Than Expected

A new report from market research firm IHS iSuppli indicates that users aren’t buying as many ultrabooks as Intel and other manufacturers had hoped they would. The firm drastically cut its ultrabook sales forecasts for this year and next.

Computerworld’s Sharon Gaudin reported, “IHS iSuppli, in a forecast earlier this year, said 22 million ultrabooks would be sold this year. However, the analyst firm lowered its forecast and said the industry is on track to ship 10.3 million ultrabooks worldwide in 2012.” In addition, the article noted, “The earlier projection for 61 million global shipments in 2013 has been reduced to 44 million.”

According to Digitimes, Craig Stice, senior principal analyst for compute platforms at IHS issued a statement saying, “So far, the PC industry has failed to create the kind of buzz and excitement among consumers that is required to propel ultrabooks into the mainstream. This is especially a problem amid all the hype surrounding media tablets and smartphones. When combined with other factors, including prohibitively high pricing, this means that ultrabook sales will not meet expectations in 2012.”

The Register’s Iain Thomson opined, “Quite simply the platform is overpriced, undersold, and no one – outside of Intel – appears very excited about it. iSuppli’s latest figures look very optimistic, with Q4 sales needing to outpace all Ultrabook sales for the rest of the year combined to make the reduced targets.”

However, the news isn’t all bad for ultrabook vendors. Writing for Tom’s Hardware, Wolfgang Gruener noted, “Still, IHS believes the opportunity is there. The firm projects 95 million Ultrabooks to be sold in 2016.”

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