Friday, January 27, 2023

Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence

We’re told that artificial intelligence is the ultimate competitive business tool. Among the wonders it enables: it allows our software to learn, which in turns allows us to better serve customers – much better than those businesses using stodgy non-AI infrastructure. Yet questions abound about this emerging technology. To provide guidance, I spoke with Bryan Lares from SparkCognition and Nick Hasty from GIPHY. The topics we covered:

1) You’re both using the Google Cloud AI platform, but in different ways. How are you leveraging it?

2) In getting started and progressing with it, what kinds of challenges have you run into?

3) What results have you seen from your AI deployment?

4) What are your future plans for using artificial intelligence?

Bryan Lares, Director of Cybersecurity Products, SparkCognition

Nick Hasty, Director of R&D, GIPHY

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