Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Enterprise Will Spend $19 Billion on Apple Hardware in 2012

All Things D: A new report from Forrester Research finds Apple making unexpected gains among enterprise customers. Thanks in part to the “Bring Your Own Device” phenomenon, enterprises will likely spend $10 billion on iPads this year, says Forrester. That’s a 68 percent increase over 2011. Similarly, the researchers say big companies will spend $9 billion on Macs in 2012, a 45 percent year-over-year increase.

For 2013, Forrester predicts enterprise spending on iPads could hit $16 billion, with the Mac spend topping $12 billion.

“The biggest disruptive force in the computer equipment market thus is … Apple,” said the report. “This is a surprise, because Apple has not and does not directly address the corporate market, while turning a wide variety of consumer technology markets upside-down. But its rapid growth in the corporate market has been the big surprise of 2011, and it will be even more of a factor in 2012.”

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