Sunday, July 25, 2021

Datamation Has a New Look

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve redesigned Datamation. We’ve given the site a facelift and a greatly improved user interface. In addition to the fresher, more contemporary look, the upgrades include:

• Better layout of the articles, with “Hot Topics” links to take you to related stories.

• More logical grouping of the stories on the front page.

• IT Job postings: Scroll down toward the bottom of the front page to see current job listings from our JustTechJobs site.

We’re excited by our new look and hope you’ll click around and explore the improved interface.

By the way, this current version of Datamation is the latest in a history that stretches back 51 years. Yes, that’s right, Datamation was founded in October of 1957. The mainframe was king and the transistor radio was the era’s iPod.

Back in ’57, people wondered if a magazine focused on an obscure topic like computers could actually survive. But it did: Datamation was a glossy print publication for 40 years before going online-only, and continues to thrive in today’s pixel-based, mobile handheld, always-connected world. It turns out that computers and technology are topics that have enduring interest for people.

While our Web site is spruced up, we’ll still be covering the latest and greatest in tech news and trends just as we have always have. We welcome your questions and comments. Please drop us a line here.

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