Saturday, February 4, 2023

Cloud Start-Ups Talk Cloud’s Future: Video Roundtable

The future of cloud computing including usage, trends, costs, security and more as seen by cloud start-ups.

These four cloud computing startups have a interesting perspective: each has recently launched a business based on where it thinks the cloud sector is headed. And each has deep-pocketed investors who are willing to support their vision. Blue Jeans Network has raised $99 million; Bitglass, $10 million; Skyhigh Networks, $27 million; CloudPhysics, $13 million. This video roundtable will enable each of these cloud visionaries to speak about their business — and in the process, reveal where many industry experts and investors are betting the cloud is headed.

Stu Aaron, Chief Commercial Officer, Blue Jeans Network.
John Blumenthal, CEO, CloudPhysics.
Rich Campagna, VP of Products, Bitglass.
Kaushik Narayan, Co-Founder and Chief Architect, Skyhigh Networks.

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