Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Cloud Computing in the Recession

Will businesses continue to adopt the emerging technology of cloud computing even in economic hard times?

To address that, I interviewed David Barley, Chief Technology Officer for Casdex, an online archiving service.

Barley is on the front lines of the cloud computing trend. His firm, founded in 2006, is a relatively young cloud computing player. With offices in Los Angeles and San Jose, the company’s growing client list includes a number of food-restaurant businesses like Baja Fresh and CinnaWorkS. His efforts to grow his company in this climate reflect the cloud’s evolution in the downturn.

Our interview took place over Skype and covered the following:

• Three types of cloud computing.

• Cloud computing in the recession: cost-cutting advantages.

• Cloud as a utility.

• Companies are going cautiously into the cloud.

• Cloud exists only on the periphery (so far).

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