Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Challenges in Data Governance

It’s a topic that creates enormous challenges for companies of all sizes: data governance. We have all this data, how do we manage and govern it? Why, exactly, is data governance so difficult and – most important – is there any strategies to make it more manageable? To discuss that, I spoke with three thought leaders in the field. Our discussion topics:

1. What is data governance? It’s constantly changing and its principles are open to debate. But let’s at least get clear on its most current definition.

2. Beyond the technology, the real challenge seems to be culture inside companies, right? Or not? 

3. If you had to pick one best practice for data governance, what would it be? 

4. Is there any realistic hope that data governance will get easier? How can companies prepare for the future of data governance? 

Stephanie Mcreynolds, VP of Marketing, Alation

Mike Matchett, Principal Consultant, Small World Big Data

Danny Sandwell, Director of Product Marketing, erwin

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