Saturday, November 26, 2022

Buyers of Latest iPad More Likely to Use It for Business

All Things D: A new survey from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) finds that Apple’s newest iPad is making more inroads into the enterprise. Twenty-one percent of people who bought the New iPad said that they planned to use the device for work. However, people buying older versions of the iPad were much less likely to use the device for business, so the percentage of all iPad owners who use the tablets for work was just 13 percent.

“Now that Apple has launched three generations of the iPad, it’s become clear that they intend it as a tool, not a toy, especially with the improved display and faster connection,” said CIRP’s. “Apple also appears to have pushed into the business segment, so perhaps that effort has started to pay off. On the other hand, business use still represents a fraction of all uses, relative to entertainment and games, so it’s still way early for Apple to declare victory in the enterprise space.”

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