Monday, January 30, 2023

BlackBerry Debuts Secure Work Space for iOS, Android

BlackBerry is extending some of its enterprise security features to Android and iOS users. The company has announced the availability of Secure Work Space, a new app that will allow smartphone users to access work-related documents securely.

PCMag’s Chloe Albanesius reported, “BlackBerry today rolled out a new security option for BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 that will let those with iOS and Android smartphones separate their work and personal information…. From an iOS or Android device, workers can tap into work documents without having to log on to VPN, including integrated email (with attachment viewing), calendar and contacts, and a secure browser for access to a company intranet. Document editing is also available via BlackBerry’s Documents To Go.”

TUAW’s John-Michael Bond noted, “BlackBerry reports that a Forrester Research, Inc. study showed that by 2016, 350 million workers will be using smartphones, with 200 million providing their own devices in the office. Secure Work Space allows workers bringing their own devices to have the same security available on a work BlackBerry without having to compromise use of their personal phones.”

Wayne Rash with eWeek observed, “What BlackBerry brings to the table with BlackBerry Secure Work Space is a unified security environment that’s able to provide a useful range of services to mobile users while also giving them the ability to continue using their existing consumer apps. The BES connection gives IT managers the ability to wipe the corporate part of the device while not touching the personal side.”

ZDNet’s Charlie Osborne commented, “It is possible that corporate clients who have begun jumping the BlackBerry ship may now be enticed to rejoin the flock. These high-margin services, valuable to corporate clients, could help businesses control and better integrate employee mobile devices running on Apple or Android technology. Without being able to stem the tide of users who are now using Samsung or Apple devices, by working with rather than against the trend, BlackBerry may be able to reclaim a portion of the marketshare lost to its rivals.”

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