Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Ballmer’s Final CES Keynote: “Nothing is More Important at Microsoft than Windows”

PCMag: During last night’s CES keynote address, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer led off with a highlight reel covering the 11 previous speeches he and Bill Gates had given at the show. Then, with assistance from Ryan Seacrest, Ballmer and other Microsoft execs covered some of the company’s most important products–Windows 8, Windows Phone and Kinect–without providing many new details about any of them.

When Seacrest asked what is next for Microsoft, Ballmer answered, “Overall, nothing is more important at Microsoft than Windows.” He added that 2012 will be about “Metro, Metro, Metro, and of course, Windows, Windows, Windows.”

Microsoft had previously announced that this would be its last CES keynote for a while.

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