Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Apache Launches Hadoop 1.0

eWeek: The Apache Software Foundation has officially released version 1.0 of Hadoop. Numerous large enterprises have been using the well-known open source tool for working with big data sets for some time, but Apache officials say the 1.0 release designates that Hadoop has achieved new levels of stability for enterprise users. “In addition to the major security improvements and support for HBase, the really big deal about version 1.0 is this is a release we feel that people can look at as very stable,” said Apache Hadoop Vice President Arun Murthy. “The developer community is really up for supporting version 1.0, and we expect 1.0 adoption to be much faster than for other versions.”

Key new features in Hadoop 1.0 include support for HBase, improved security, Webhdfs and other performance enhancements and bug fixes.

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