Tuesday, November 29, 2022

‘Anonymous’ Hackers Target US Security Think Tank

Bloomberg BusinessWeek: Hackers associated with “Anonymous” say that they have obtained credit card numbers, passwords, home addresses and other personal information for 4,000 clients of the Stratfor think tank. Stratfor’s client list includes Apple Inc., the U.S. Air Force, the Miami Police Department and many other high-profile organizations.

Apparently, the hackers have been making donations to various charities using money stolen from the Stratfor clients. Allen Barr, recently retired from the Texas Department of Banking, was one of the victims. “It was all charities, the Red Cross, CARE, Save the Children. So when the credit card company called my wife she wasn’t sure whether I was just donating,” said Barr. “It made me feel terrible. It made my wife feel terrible. We had to close the account.”

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