Sunday, February 5, 2023

Adobe Vows 5 to 10 More Years of Flash Advances

Cnet: Despite its recent announcements of support for HTML5, Adobe isn’t giving up on Flash technology yet. The company has published a Flash Player road map in which it promised to continue developing the technology for five to ten more years. Striking a balance between the two competing technologies, it wrote, “Increasingly, rich motion graphics will be deployed directly via the browser using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and other modern Web technologies. While the primary role of Flash Player on the Web remains the same, what it is used for will change. Adobe believes that the Flash runtimes are particularly and uniquely suited for two primary use cases: creating and deploying rich, expressive games with console-quality graphics and deploying premium video.”

However, Adobe is curtailing one area of Flash development–Firefox on Linux. Soon, Linux users who want to continue to be able to view Flash content will have to use the Chrome browser.

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