Monday, October 18, 2021

2012 Looking Ripe for Disgruntled IT Pros to Switch Jobs

NetworkWorld: With tech unemployment hovering around 2.7 percent and salaries and vacancies on the rise, experts expect many IT pros to consider job changes next year. In fact, a survey by Randstad Technologies found that 54 percent of IT workers want to explore other job possibilities. “If your salaries are more than 10% lower than market rates, and you are not doing something very interesting technically or very personally rewarding, then your employees are at risk,” said Matt McGee with staffing firm Pomeroy. “For IT people who are way underpaid and unhappy, it’s the best time I’ve seen in years for people with IT skill sets to go find their dream jobs.”

“It’s definitely a candidate’s market right now,” said Randstad’s Elizabeth Sias. “There are so many opportunities out there. If their company isn’t willing to give them the increase they are looking for, they know they can move to another company and get … another $10,000 a year.”

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