Sunday, February 5, 2023

Will Apple Abandon the Traditional PC?

This excerpt from an editorial by ServerWatch tech expert Paul Rubens discusses the effect that Apple’s enormous success with the iPhone and iPad could have on the company’s other business lines. Follow the link at the bottom to read his full take.

Apple’s phenomenal success in the phone and electronic gadget markets means that its legacy computer business is looking more and more anachronistic. Here are five things you should know before you invest in anything to do with Mac OS X.

1. Apple would love to be rid of its enterprise customers.

In what is probably the first step toward abandoning its entire computer operation, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) announced last week that it is giving up on its Xserve server product.

The company has a long history of abandoning computer products, and given that hardly anyone bothered buying its server hardware or running its OS X Server, the fate of the Xserve can hardly be seen as a surprise. It’s difficult to believe apple makes any money selling them. Even so, its Xserve customers must stunned by the way the callous company has repaid their loyalty by dropping it.

But Apple is still maintaining the pretence of being a serious player in the server room, and it has insulted its customers’ intelligence with the absurd suggestion that they should keep the faith by running Apple’s server OS on Mac Pro or Mac Minis desktop hardware.

2. Mac OS X Server will probably be next for the chop.

Read the rest at ServerWatch.

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