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IT Salary Tracker: Data modelers/analysts

In this first in a series of three Salary Trackers on data management pros, we look at wages for data modelers and analysts. These two job types are often grouped together, indicating a broad responsibility for development and maintenance of the corporate data model. When they’re listed separately, modelers tend to make more than analysts. According to, EarthWeb’s online job board for IT professionals, modelers were offered an average of $87,500 per year in July 2000, compared with $72,000 per year for analysts. The lowest salaries came in at around $35,000 per year; and at the other end of the spectrum, senior modelers and analysts could bring down as much as $150,000.

Averages are based on 237 listings for these professionals, with cities bearing fewer than 10 listings excluded from mention. New York has the greatest demand among metro areas for this type of worker, with 31% of all listings. And the city that never sleeps also never skimps on salaries, offering these pros on average $89,000 per year, the highest nationwide. The highest average contract wage offerings, however, were in San Francisco, at $98 per hour.

Data came from available jobs listed during July 2000 on Results are based on averages or totals from the following information on salary, job type, job skills, and location.

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Highest salary by city (average):
New York, $89,000 yearly salary

Highest contract rate by city (average):
San Francisco, $98 per hour

Most jobs per city:
New York, 31% of total

Datamation/ IT Salary Tracker
Data modelers/analysts: average salaries by city

Source: Datamation/ IT Salary Tracker/July 2000

Datamation/ IT Salary Tracker
Data modelers/analysts: average contract rates bby city

Source: Datamation/ IT Salary Tracker/July 2000

Datamation/ IT Salary Tracker
Data modelers/analysts: distribution of jobs by city

Source: Datamation/ IT Salary Tracker/July 2000

Chart data compiled by Laurie Souza.



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