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Anina Ot is a contributor to Datamation and Enterprise Storage Forum. She worked in online tech support before becoming a technology writer, and has authored more than 400 articles about cybersecurity, privacy, cloud computing, data science, and other topics. Anina is a digital nomad currently based in Turkey.

Big data concept in 3D illustration.

4 Data Virtualization Benefits: Redefining Data Accessibility

Curious about data virtualization benefits? Learn how it transforms data access and boosts efficiency in our latest article.
Businessman interacting with database icons on a virtual screen.

10 Top Storage Certifications for Data Professionals In 2024

Looking for storage certifications? Learn about the 10 top certifications for data professionals in 2024.
Relational database table example.

Relational Data Model 101: Key Components & Benefits

A relational data model is a type of database model that organizes data into tables of rows and columns. Explore key components and benefits.
Man interacting with a virtual hierarchical structure.

What Is A Hierarchical Data Model? | Definition And Examples

Hierarchical Data Models organize data into a hierarchical structure. Explore hierarchical data model definition, examples & challenges now.
Data mining inscription surrounded by related icons on a virtual screen.

Top 10 Open Source Data Mining Tools

Data mining is the process of discovering patterns in large data sets. Explore the top 10 open source data mining tools and find the best one for your needs.
Blue data matrix simulation digital line and grid technology with futuristic HUD background.

What Is Data Simulation? | Benefits & Modeling

Data simulation is a powerful tool for understanding and predicting the behavior of systems. Learn about modeling, benefits, and use cases of data simulation.
Law scales on background of data center.

Data Governance vs. Master Data Management: Key Differences

Data Governance & Master Data Management (MDM) are two key elements of enterprise data management. Learn how they differ & what they do together.
Inside view of a cylindrical pathway made of binary values.

What Is a Data Pipeline? Examples & Types

A data pipeline is a set of processes that move data from one system to another. Learn how data pipelines can help you manage and analyze data efficiently.
Data scientist querying, analysing and visualizing complex data set on virtual screen.

ETL vs Data Pipeline: What is the Difference?

Confused about the difference between an ETL pipeline and a data pipeline? Find out what each is, how they are similar, and how they are different.
Numerical values flowing from left to right direction.

What is Data Scraping? Definition & How to Use it

Data Scraping is a process of collecting data from websites & other sources for further processing. Learn about the definition, process & how to use it.