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Anina Ot is a contributor to Datamation and Enterprise Storage Forum. She worked in online tech support before becoming a technology writer, and has authored more than 400 articles about cybersecurity, privacy, cloud computing, data science, and other topics. Anina is a digital nomad currently based in Turkey.

Generative AI rendering of a data lakehouse technology concept.

What is a Data Lakehouse? Definition, Benefits and Features

Learn the definition of a data lakehouse, the benefits of using one, and the features that make it an essential part of a modern data architecture.
Business intelligence analyst dashboard on virtual screen.

Data Modeling vs Data Architecture: Key Differences

Data modeling and data architecture help companies organize and store their data. Learn the key differences between the two and explore how they're used.
Hypervisor diagram

What is a Hypervisor?

A hypervisor, also known as a virtual machine monitor (VMM), is a type of software used to create and run virtual machines. There are...
Man standing in front of a giant screen showing an enlarged cloud icon formed from circuit patterns.

The Ultimate Guide to Cloud Computing

Explore Cloud Computing characteristics, services, types, benefits & security with our in-depth guide. Click here now.

Data Migration Trends

What are the current trends and predictions for data migration in the coming year?
Data transfer interface on a virtual screen with a person working on a laptop in the background.

Data Migration vs. ETL: What’s the Difference?

This article compares the differences between ETL and Data Migration to help users plan their own implementation.
Data transfer cloud computing technology concept.

Public Cloud Providers

Find the best providers of cloud computing services on the market, and their offerings.
3D rendering of big data flow in a digital environment.

10 Top Data Visualization Tools & Software

Find the best data visualization tools and soft for data science and analytics.
Shield and lock image with a man using a laptop on the background.

What is a Host-Based Firewall?

Host-based firewalls are a software-based type of firewall that is deployed and fully operated on the network’s devices, using the designated operating system-run software,...
Top Cybersecurity Software and Suites in 2022 | Datamation

What Is an Application Level Gateway? Guide to Proxy Firewalls

Application-level gateways, also known as proxy firewalls, are a type of network security solution that takes action on behalf of the apps and programs...