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Anina Ot is a contributor to Datamation and Enterprise Storage Forum. She worked in online tech support before becoming a technology writer, and has authored more than 400 articles about cybersecurity, privacy, cloud computing, data science, and other topics. Anina is a digital nomad currently based in Turkey.

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Circuit-Level Gateways: Definition, Features & Examples

A circuit-level gateway is a type of firewall that operates on layer 5 of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, which is the session...
Cybersecurity protecting data in a network.

Stateful vs. Stateless Firewalls: Differences Explained

Of the many types of firewall solutions that can be used to secure computer networks, stateful and stateless firewalls work on opposite sides of...
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What is a Packet-Filtering Firewall?

A packet-filtering firewall is a type of firewall that filters network traffic to block any packets that carry malicious code or files.  To understand this,...
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Stateful Inspection Firewall: Definition, Benefits and How It Works

A firewall is a cybersecurity tool dedicated to securing the outer parameters of a network. They come in a variety of types depending on...
Cybersecurity protecting data in a network.

What is a Next-Generation Firewall?

A next-generation firewall (NGFW) is the third generation of firewall security technology. It builds on the previous versions, combining the basic capabilities of traditional...
Cloud cybersecurity protects network data.

6 Top Next-Generation Firewall Software to Protect Your Network

Firewall technology has been used by organizations and individuals looking to secure their networks and applications for decades now. Evolving over the years, Next-Generation...
Cybersecurity protecting data in a network.

6 Top Firewall Software To Protect Your Network

Firewall software is one of the primary lines of protection between an organization’s internal network and databases, and the open internet. Firewalls are network security...
Cybersecurity protecting data in a network.

Are NGFWs Needed? Why You Need a Next-Generation Firewall

One of the most commonly-used Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions for facilitating and maintaining network security among individuals and corporations alike is firewall...
Cybersecurity protects data an employee inputs into a laptop and network. Courtesy Adobe.

Why Firewalls are Important for Network Security

Firewalls are a critical form of network security that protects companies against cyberthreats by tracking the network’s access points and providing a configurable barrier...
A network with multiple nodes.

How NGFW Works: Everything You Need to Know

Next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) merge the capabilities of the first generation of firewalls with network security tools equipped for handling modern cyberthreats.  See below to learn...