Monday, February 6, 2023

Guide to IBM System x Servers

IBM has really gotten behind the latest wave of Intel processors, as shown by both its recent server announcements and the fact that it is demonstrating these products at roadshows around the nation in a joint tour with Intel. The message: Intel’s Nehalem EX processors coupled with IBM’s system engineering talents provide a platform well-suited for virtualization, consolidation and mission-critical applications.

For those interested in buying new x86 servers or blades, IBM has put together a compelling proposition that will send the competition reeling. The company is basically saying it can sell customers two-socket systems that can do the same work or better than the four-socket servers of its rivals — even if those four-socket machines are using the latest and fastest processors. Quite a claim, and IBM has put an exclamation point on it with benchmark scores to back it up, as well as providing ways to boost I/O and reduce power costs.

These IBM servers came out in two main waves.

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