Monday, January 30, 2023

EMC Embraces x86

Only a couple of years back EMC was focused on RISC processors. Then EMC (NYSE: EMC) introduced one of its high-end Symmetrix disk arrays with Intel processors. That was the writing on the wall for the EMC-RISC coupling. Since then, the company has purged its disk array portfolio of non-Intel processors.

“Symmetrix DMX and previous-generation Symmetrix systems were based on PowerPC chips,” said Scott Delandy, senior product manager at EMC. “CLARiiON has always been Intel based.”

The latest generation of EMC products is based entirely on Xeon processors. The Symmetrix V-Max, for example, is now Intel Xeon, whereas RISC-based processors powered the previous generation.

“We are getting phenomenal performance out of x86,” said EMC chairman Joe Tucci. “The V-Max is by far the fastest Symmetrix platform we have ever made.”

Tucci made his point on EMC’s commitment to x86 by revealing a three-year internal program to move EMC’s data center from RISC/UNIX to x86/VMware. What is the reason behind this move? Delandy said EMC has standardized processor technology across EMC platforms to gain benefits in manufacturing, testing, hardware QA, and serviceability.

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