Thursday, January 26, 2023

Data Storage Trends: Dell’s Travis Vigil on Interoperability, Hybrid Arrays

The data storage market is a study in constant change. Emerging technologies like software defined storage and virtualized peer architecture are changing the face of storage infrastructure. Some trends combine the old and new, like hybrid storage devices, which incorporate both flash storage and traditional spinning disks. And flash itself seems to be on a rapid upward trajectory – hardly a week goes by without a press release hitting my in-box touting a new flash-based device.

To talk about these developments and other trends in the data storage market, I spoke with Travis Vigil, an executive director at Dell Storage.

Speaking via Skype, we covered topics like storage interoperability, the enterprise need for the “data center sweet spot” – solutions that are advanced but relatively easy, and the future of storage. He also gave an update on recent developments from EqualLogic, the storage firm that Dell acquired in 2007.

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