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Windows Mobile: How To Install Ringtones

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If you’ve been craving a new ringtone, but aren’t sure how to get Avril Lavigne or Phish into your Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC, have no fear. It’s as easy as any drag-and-drop action.

After you’ve downloaded your new ringtones to your computer, connect your Pocket PC to your PC (via the USB cable). Open ActiveSync on your PC and click the Explore button. Double-click My Windows Mobile-Based Device, and then double-click Application Data. Choose Sounds from the list of folders. Locate the ringtones you downloaded on your PC and then drag them into the Sounds folder in ActiveSync.

Once you’ve done this, disconnect your Pocket PC from your computer, and on your Pocket PC, press Start, then Settings. Tap Phone. From the Ringtone dropdown menu, select the ring tone you want to use. (If you wait a second or two after selecting each choice, you can hear what it sounds like.) When you’ve found the ringtone you want, tap OK and you’re good to go.

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