Saturday, January 28, 2023

CA Unveils Virtualization Management Tools

CA continued its full-court press in the virtualization management software sector this week with the release of five new applications for its CA Virtual portfolio — including one, CA Virtual Privilege Manager, that governs access and privileges for any IT staffer accessing the hypervisor or service console.

Establishing who has access to which virtual images and controls has become especially crucial as virtualization has evolved from cramming all the data and applications running on multiple physical servers onto virtual machines to more of a dynamic, virtualized data center and IT infrastructure.

“Enterprise customers want the same kind of control and visibility they’ve become accustomed to with physical servers in their virtual environments,” Biren Gosai, marketing manager for CA’s virtualization software unit, told “This is what we’re giving them with these tools. They will help move their virtualization journey forward and help prevent ‘virtual stall.'”

As Gosai explains it, virtual stall comes in many different forms. Some customers still fear the unknown and unwanted security complications they’ve long associated with moving the more complex, real-time and mission-critical applications and data pools to these virtual machines. Other times, it’s budget issues. Once in a while, it’s due to a lack of IT members familiar with the technology.

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