Saturday, January 28, 2023

The Future of the Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things sector is booming, with spending forecasts trending sharply upward for the next several years. Soon, it seems, most everything will wear a sensor connected to the Internet. This will certainly reshape our world – but how? I spoke with HPE executive Nigel Upton about the following topics:

1. Where is the IoT market now? IoT is still more emerging than established, correct?

2. It feels like no single vendor has a commanding lead in the IoT sector. Is IoT is a real “jump ball” in a business sense?

3. What’s holding IoT back?

4. What about IOT and the Cloud? Is IoT going to disrupt cloud computing, as some have predicted?

5. Is the IoT analytics done at the edge, or back at home base where the big applications reside?

6. Where is IoT going over the next few years When’s it going to be mainstream?

Please join us for an in-depth discussion about IoT, on Friday, April 28 at 12 noon PT.

Nigel Upton 

Worldwide Director and General Manager, universal IoT platform, HPE

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