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Roundup: The Best iPhone Apps of the Week

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Let’s end the week with a little music (part 2). We’re sorry, Shazam, we loved your amazing music ID feature before, but that’s before Midomi stole our heart.

Midomi, available here, can do what Shazam does (quickly listen to and identify any song playing), but it does so much more. You can sing or hum to Midomi and it will still identify the song. You can speak or type a line from the song.

The only downside is that you have to remember to bookmark your finds, because Midomi doesn’t automatically make a list of tagged songs, as Shazam does. Still, it’s the far more useful song identification app, and it’s got a permanent place on our iPhone.



Let’s end the week with a little music (part 1). Besides being an excellent communication and entertainment device, the iPhone is also an ideal teaching tool. One of our favorite learning apps is Mozart ($9.99, available here), which teaches note reading in a few minutes a day.

Mozart makes learning notes into a game, where the notes scroll across the screen and you have to identify them before they reach the left edge. There are plenty of customization options, letting you choose the clef, major or minor key, and instrument (it works for vocalists and violin or guitar players, too).

After only a little time playing, we noticed our ability to read notes getting stronger. This is a perfect teaching tool for anyone who plays music and needs to brush up on the basics.



There are few household tasks more unpleasant than checkbook balancing, but with Checkbook ($1.99, available here) you’ll never need to do it again. Let this app keep track of how much you have in the bank, and reconcile your accounts easier than ever before. The app can be PIN protected, to prevent prying eyes.

iProcrastinate Mobile


iProcrastinate Mobile is task management for the rest of us. There are no complicated instructions or difficult features. Instead, this app, available here, lets you easily manage tasks by their due date and color-code them so you can find what you need quickly. You can even break tasks down into smaller steps, so that they don’t seem too overwhelming.

Marty’s Magic Coin


In what may be a first, this app offers a magic trick created for the iPhone. Marty’s Magic Coin ($2.99, available here) teaches you how to perform a trick where you seem to rub a coin into your iPhone’s screen, roll it around inside, and then drop it back out. The app includes an instructional video and text instructions. You can choose from several different types of coins for the trick, including international coins.



Wikiamo is an intuitive, Safari-like Wikipeia viewer for your iPhone. The app, available here, shows articles from Wikipedia, but formats them for the iPhone screen so you can read them more comfortably. If you find yourself looking things up often during the day, download this app to make researching easier. It includes bookmarks, a history view, and page caching for offline reading.

WebMD Mobile


WebMD Mobile, available here, give you trusted medical information on demand when you need it the most. Whether you want to look up symptoms, find drug or treatment information, or need basic first aid, turn to WebMD Mobile for answers.

iAscii Art


Turn your pictures into a work of geek art with iAscii Art ($.99, available here). The app converts pictures from your photo library into Ascii art using only characters from the alphabet. Choose from seven different filters and effects with varying amounts of shading.

Mad Stocks


Mad Stocks ($1.99, available here) combines the powerful analysis of one of the foremost stock advice experts, Jim Cramer of Mad Monday, a quick glance look at the day’s market gains and losses, a continuous finance news feed, and a video feed of Street TV to give you tools to make key decisions for your financial future.

Daily Mugshot


Have you seen those cool viral videos where someone photographs themselves once each day? Well, with Daily Mugshot, available here, you can make your own. This free app helps you take daily images, line them up perfectly, and save them as an animation. You can even use widgets from the company’s Web site to place automatically updated animations on your blog.

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