Friday, July 1, 2022

Roundup: The Best iPhone Apps of the Week

Buddha Machine


The original Buddha Machine is a $23 transistor radio-size audio player that offers tranquil loops of eastern chants and songs. Now the Buddha Machine has made the jump to the iPhone with this less expensive version.

As wonderfully odd as the original player is, there’s even more to love with this app. For one, you can view the player in any of the seven original colors. Just give your iPhone a shake to change the look. The nine included music loops are in high-res audio, so they sound even better. Plus, you’ll always have it with you when you need a little Zen.

We love the calm that this app brings, and have it on whenever we’re working or resting. Download the Buddha Machine ($3.99, available here) and bring some serenity to your busy life.

Lose It!


The new year is a great time for new goals, and if you’d like to lose a few pounds you’ll love this free food guide. This is by far the most helpful diet guide we’ve seen.

Start by creating a daily calorie budget that will help you shed the weight you want to lose. Then, each time you eat you record your meals. You can also input your exercise routines, so that you can see how many calories you’re burning and understand how that helps your progress.

This is a great app for anyone trying to eat healthy, but we think it’s a godsend for people who don’t understand the basics. Lose It! (available here) gives you a simple way to track your calories so that you understand how to budget meals, and breaks down what you’re eating so that you understand how fats, carbs, and proteins make up your foods.

If you think keeping track of your calories has to be a chore, download this app and find out how simple it can be.

Parks Envi Deluxe


Parks Envi Deluxe ($3.99, available here) is your visual guide to U.S. national parks, monuments, and other areas run by the National Parks Service. It offers easy state-by-state access to park overviews and photos, and includes maps of every national park. If you enjoy visiting our nation’s loveliest places, you’ll be glad to have this app on hand.

World Nomads Greek Language Guide


Have you ever been stuck in a country wanting to be polite but having no idea how to even say “please” or “thank you”? Or needed to get somewhere but been frustrated because you couldn’t ask for basic directions? You don’t need to master a foreign language to travel, but knowing a few key phrases will please your hosts. has created World Nomads Greek Language Guide (available here) and other simple language guides that give you the basics for a happy holiday.

New Year’s Eve Webcam


Watch New Year’s happen around the world live with a variety of international Webcams. New Year’s Eve Webcam ($.99, available here) lets you browse a list of 15 popular locations across the globe, including Australia, France, the United Kingdom, and the USA. Each location offers a countdown timer to midnight for that time zone. You can even choose to watch people party on the street or watch the fireworks in the sky.

New Year’s Blowout Horn


Yes, your iPhone can even be a noisemaker. Blow into the microphone to hear the horn, and watch it unravel on the screen. New Year’s Blowout Horn (available here) even includes a countdown timer, so you’ll know the exact second 2009 begins, and a music player for listening to New Year’s songs afterwards.

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