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iPhone Apps for 3.0 OS and the iPhone 3GS: 50 Downloads

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The new iPhone operating system, OS 3.0, has brought a slew of new features to iPhone developers. In turn, they’re using them to create amazing new apps.

Check out this list to discover 50 iPhone apps that use the OS 3.0 and/or iPhone 3GS feature. Many are free. And now…let the downloading begin!

3GS iPhone Only

1) Magnetism for 3GS ($.99):
View the magnetic fields that are around you everyday.


2) Bomberman Touch 2 ($2.99):
Play head-to-head over a Bluetooth connection.

3) DisConnect ($.99):
Try a game of Frisbee via peer-to-peer networking.

4) Flick Fishing ($.99):
Play against a friend with peer-to-peer networking.

5) Flight Control ($.99):
The popular game gets even better with peer-to-peer multiplayer support.

6) Leaf Trombone: World Stage ($.99):
Play a duet with the new multiplayer support.

7) Montana Solitaire (free):
Master a different type of solitaire game.

8) My Brute ($4.99):
You can now access your iPod library from within the game, letting you switch tunes without switching applications.

9) Showdown Poker ($.99):
Now contains Bluetooth support for head-to-head competition.

10) Squiggles ($4.99):
Decorate your photos with this paint program.

11) Star Defense ($5.99):
You can now send your friends challenges through the game. They’ll display even if the app isn’t running on your friends’ iPhones.

12) Tap Tap Revenge 2.6 (free):
With push notifications, you can now challenge your friends to a game.

13) Tic-Tac-Toe Arena ($.99):
Play against your friends with the peer-to-peer support.

14) Touch4 ($1.99):
Play against your friends over a Bluetooth or WiFi connection.

15) Whiteboard (free):
Create pictures collaboratively over a WiFi or Bluetooth connection.

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16) AT&T Navigator (Free + $9.99 monthly subscription):
Turn-by-turn GPS navigation, with the $9.99 monthly subscription fee automatically added to your iPhone bill.

17) Gokivo + Yahoo! Local Search ($.99 + subscription):
Get local search and turn-by-turn driving directions.

18) Hey Where Are You (free):
Track your friends on a map. Offers push alerts even when the app isn’t running.

19) Mapee Lite (free):
View your Twitter friends on a map.

20) MobileNavigator Europe ($94.99):
Navigon offers turn-by-turn directions for all of Europe. A U.S. version will arrive soon.

21) PlaceTagger ($7.99):
Geotagging software for your photos.


22) airPhoto ($.99):
Share photos over Bluetooth connections.

23) Are My Sites Up (free):
A free companion to the company’s paid premium service. It delivers push notifications letting you know the status of your Web sites.

24) Battery Bulb ($.99):
Check the status of your iPhone recharging from across the room with this simple graphical display.

25) ClipShare ($1.99):
Keep multiple clipboards and share them with your desktop.

26) Evernote (free):
This popular note storage app has been upgraded with better voice recordings and the ability to scroll through your entire list without reloading.

27) GeekSearch ($.99):
Search several popular sites from one interface.

28) Remember the Milk (free with a Pro account):
This popular task manager has been upgraded with push notifications, reminding you of tasks you need to get done.

29) Video Notes 3.0 ($9.99):
Store videos on your iPhone and view them anywhere.

30) Zillow Real Estate (free):
This real estate look-up tool now offers push notifications telling you about new results that match your saved searches.

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31) Clockin ($.99):
This time management app lets you track your work time, even for multiple clients.

32) E*Trade Mobile Pro (free):
This stock app now lets you create personal stock alerts and have them pushed to you, even when the app isn’t running.

33) Impact PDF Notebook 3.0 ($7.99):
Create or view PDF documents.

34) Text Editor Pro 3.0 ($9.99):
Create documents, then store them in a hierarchical folder system.

35) vCard! ($.99):
Exchange your contact information over a Bluetooth connection.

36) ZeptoPad 3.0 ($19.99):
This whiteboard app now offers the ability to share your drawing space with other ZeptoPad users.


37) GeneIndexAF ($1.99):
This app provides resources for people studying the human genome.

38) Geometry Touch ($.99):
A homework helper for students who could use a geometry study guide.


39) AIM ($2.99):
This well-known instant messaging tool now offers push notifications.

40) BeejiveIM 3.0 with Push ($9.99):
This IM client works with a variety of services and now supports push notifications.

41) Bluchat ($.99):
Chat with other people over a Bluetooth network. No WiFi needed.

42) QuickPigeon (free):
Send messages to a person or a group, now with push notifications.

43) RIFtext Mobile Dating (free):
A social app for meeting people who share your interests.

44) Textfree Unlimited ($5.99):
Skip the texting charges. This app lets you text for no extra fees and now supports push notifications.

45) Truphone OS 3.0 (free):
Save money with VOIP calling. It works with Skype and Google Talk.

46) Twittelator Pro ($4.99):
This ultimate Twitter client lets you record and edit video (with the iPhone 3GS), as well as audio clips and photos.


47) AP Mobile (free):
Push notifications now let you know about breaking news when it happens.

48) Pollen (free):
A simple pollen count display for U.K. residents, now with push notifications for the next day.

49) Umbrella ($1.99):
Know the weather before you leave. This weather app offers push notifications.

50) WeatherAlert ($.99):
A weather notifier that uses push to keep you updated about alerts in your area.

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