Improve Your Systems Management

Today's systems management solutions can help businesses deploy, track, update and secure their hardware and software resources, removing many of the manual tasks and simplifying the process. Download these resources to discover the products and solutions that can help your organization better manage its IT resources.
Comparing Lifecycle Management Suites
Given the complexity of today’s dynamic IT infrastructures and the broad range of management disciplines necessary to support them, choosing a lifecycle management solution can be a difficult and bewildering project. Download this paper for a side-by-side functional and financial comparison of solution suites from four of the leading vendors in this market space: Dell KACE, LANDesk, Microsoft, and Symantec.

Dell KACE Remote Management with Intel vPro Technology
With the latest versions of Intel vPro technology, KACE Appliances now offer better remote management capabilities than ever for systems, even when the KACE agents are not running, the system is blue-screened or has hardware or startup issues. This paper details how Dell KACE Appliances can be integrated with the Intel vPro technology to offer effective remote systems management and recovery.

Key Criteria for Developing a Successful IT Deployment Strategy
It's possible to establish control over IT implementations by developing effective deployment strategies that streamline operations to reduce costs and increase both IT staff performance and overall value. Key to the success of any modern day deployment strategy is the utilization of advanced tools that simplify a wide range of common administrative chores by providing centralized interfaces for organizing critical data and automating repeatable tasks.

Systems Management

Best Practices in Office 2010 Migration
The primary concerns IT managers have related to Microsoft Office 2010 migration include the need to minimize licensing and administrative costs, fitting migration processes into the workload of an already busy administrative staff and ensuring a successful transition without negatively impacting business productivity. Best practices for such a migration are comprised of processes that help prepare and execute the software package rollout as well as the identification of automated management resources that will simplify the process.

Developing a Collaborative Endpoint Security Solution
An effective security infrastructure addresses not only the technology, but also the process affected and the people involved in the use or management of the technology. People manage technology devices and security configurations; this is where many security problems reside. Download this paper to learn more.

Systems Management Buyer's Guide
Enterprises of all sizes continue to struggle in their efforts to find and deploy an effective systems management solution scaled to their needs. This guide helps articulate the buyer’s criteria via a comprehensive feature/function checklist, and to pose additional considerations that should be made when making a decision regarding a systems management solution.

The Complete Systems Management Book
IT systems management includes the personnel, processes and software tools utilized to deploy, track, update and secure hardware and software resources across an organization. Building an efficient management system requires unifying all of these IT resources to coordinate IT efforts, streamline tasks into cohesive workflows, and automate administration services.