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IT Salary 2020

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As IT salary increases have continued over the years, the IT profession has become increasingly lucrative. At this point, experienced IT pros enjoy an income bracket not far behind (or even rivaling) law and medicine and business.

As you’ll see from the IT salary numbers below – from the Robert Half 2020 Salary Guide – many tech pros are well into six figures. And realize that the salary numbers below are actually higher in many cities. If you’re in or near a major city (especially San Francisco or New York) your paycheck is considerably higher than those below.

Hot IT Jobs in Demand

A key technique to boost your IT salary is to specialize in the tech areas that are currently in demand. Notice that, for instance, “mainframe specialist” is not on this list of hot 2020 IT skills:

Top Certifications:

Certified Data Professional (CDP); Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP);  Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE);  Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA); Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA); Microsoft Certi ed Solutions Associate (MCSA).

Key point about the IT salary numbers

As you look at the IT salaries below, realize that Robert Half lists a salary range from lower paying 25th percentile (a newer professional, or a smaller company) to the higher paying 95th percentile (highly skilled pro, larger company).

IT Salary 2020: By the Numbers

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

2020 average salary range: $152,250 – $266,000


Developer/Programmer Analyst

2020 average salary range: $87,750 – $153,000.


Lead Applications Developer

2020 average salary range: $103,000 – $172,250.


Mobile Applications Developer

2020 average salary range: $121,750 – $206,500.


Systems Administrator

2020 average salary range: $69,250 – $117,250.


Database Administrator

2020 average salary range: $79,250 $160,500.


Big Data Engineer

2020 average salary range: $130,000 – $222,000.


Web Developer

2020 average salary range: $86,000  – $146,250.


Network/Cloud Engineer

2020 average salary range: $94,750 – $159,000


Project Manager

2020 average salary range: $94,500  – $159,000.


Cloud Computing Analyst

2020 average salary range: $78,000 – $164,250.


AI Architect

2020 average salary range: $120,250 – $189,000.

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