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IT Salary Tracker: UNIX software engineers

UNIX software engineers

If discussion activity on the Web is any indicator of the current demand for skills in the IT job market, then the world has worked up an appetite for UNIX software engineers. UNIX forums abound, including many general scripting forums, Perl-related forums, Norwegian forums, Chinese forums, members-only forums, and something called the UNIX cult, to name a few varieties. Here on the Web, many desperate and UNIX-ignorant IT pros find themselves begging for knowledge from experienced UNIX software engineers around the globe. And once they get that knowledge, the same pros may find themselves reinforcing their doors against the many desperate and UNIX-hungry recruiters who come begging for their skills.

In May 2000, employers offered UNIX software engineers an average salary of $80,000 per year and an average contract rate of $78 per hour, according to, Datamation’s sister site and an online job board for IT professionals. Results are based on 401 listings for this type of professional. Silicon Valley had more availabilities for this job type than other regions, with 29% of the overall demand. The highest salaries were in New York, where UNIX software engineers made $96,500 per year on average. Contract rates were highest in San Francisco, averaging $94 per hour.

Results are based on averages or totals from the following information at job titles, job skills, and locations. Benefits are not included in compensation listings. Next week: Help desk pros. Zach Rodgers

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  • Highest salary by city (average):
    New York, $96,500 yearly salary

  • Highest hourly contract rate by city (average):
    San Francisco, $94 per hour

  • City with the most demand (average):
    Silicon Valley, 29% of total availabilities

    Datamation/ IT Salary Tracker
    UNIX software engineers: average salaries by city

    Source: Datamation/ IT Salary Tracker/May 2000

    Datamation/ IT Salary Tracker
    UNIX software engineers: average hourly contract rates by city

    Source: Datamation/ IT Salary Tracker/May 2000

    Datamation/ IT Salary Tracker
    UNIX software engineers: distribution of jobs by city

    Source: Datamation/ IT Salary Tracker/May 2000

    Chart data compiled by Laurie Souza.

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