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IT Salary Tracker: Oracle Database Administrators

When we last looked at jobs for Oracle DBAs, in April 2000, we found 1,601 openings, about 10% fewer than are available now, according to, the online job board for IT professionals. This seems to agree with recent survey results indicating that IT spending is on the rise, despite any warnings of economic slowdown.

The overall average salary for Oracle database administrators is $87,000 per year, and the average contract rate is $66 per hour. The highest average salaries are in Silicon Valley, where these pros make $105,000 per year. New York offers the highest contract rates, at an average of $91 per hour. The largest concentration of Oracle DBA jobs is in Silicon Valley, with 13% of all availabilities, followed by New York (12%), and Los Angeles (9%).

Averages are based on 1,771 listings on, with cities and job types bearing fewer than 30 listings excluded from mention. Data came from available positions listed during December 2000. Results are based on averages or totals from the following information: salary, job type, job skills, and location.

Let us know if you want to see a salary tracker for your own job type.

Highest salary by city (average): Silicon Valley, $105,000 yearly salary
Highest contract rate by city (average): New York, $91 per hour
Most jobs by city: Silicon Valley, 13% of the total

Datamation/ IT Salary Tracker
Oracle DBAs: average salaries by city

Source: Datamation/ IT Salary Tracker/December 2000
Datamation/ IT Salary Tracker
Oracle DBAs: average contract rates by city

Source: Datamation/ IT Salary Tracker/December 2000

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