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Shelby Hiter is a writer with more than five years of experience in writing and editing, focusing on healthcare, technology, data, enterprise IT, and technology marketing. She currently writes for four different digital publications in the technology industry: Datamation, Enterprise Networking Planet, CIO Insight, and Webopedia. When she’s not writing, Shelby loves finding group trivia events with friends, cross stitching decorations for her home, reading too many novels, and turning her puppy into a social media influencer.

Top Hybrid Cloud Trends & Growth 2021 | Datamation

10 Top Hybrid Cloud Trends

Writer Drew Robb contributed to this article. Some businesses have held back and been hesitant to adopt cloud technology for any use cases. But as...
Top Enterprise 5G Networks in 2022 | Datamation

Top Enterprise 5G Networks

All over the globe, enterprises in various industries are developing enterprise 5G infrastructure and services to meet new operational use cases.  Especially as companies begin...
DMI company logo

Enterprise Mobile Q&A With DJ Oreb at DMI: Prioritizing the User Experience in Mobile

Enterprise mobility has become an increasingly important part of enterprise connectivity, especially as many companies have shifted to remote, global, and hybrid work. Mobile...
Top Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) software

Top UEM Software

Many enterprises are growing their global workforces and giving their employees the option to work remotely as well as use their personal devices through...
AT&T vs Verizon enterprise mobile comparison Datamation

AT&T vs Verizon Enterprise Mobile Comparison

AT&T and Verizon are top competitors for enterprise mobile services and infrastructure in the race for globally available 5G. Although they offer several overlapping products...
Top Cybersecurity Software and Suites in 2022 | Datamation

Top Cybersecurity Software

Enterprise connectivity is increasingly becoming more mobile and widely dispersed, as new remote users and devices access sensitive company resources. This widespread access to...
Barracuda cybersecurity review

Barracuda Cybersecurity Portfolio Review

Barracuda Networks is a global tech enterprise that offers cybersecurity, application delivery, and data management solutions to its customers.  The company's stated goal is to...
Okta vs Duo

Okta vs Duo: IAM Product Comparison

Identity and access management (IAM) is a diverse market, with typical software ranging from solely multi-factor authentication (MFA) to a more comprehensive life cycle...
Okta vs. Azure Active Directory (AD): Product Comparison

Okta vs Azure Active Directory (AD): Product Comparison

Enterprises are searching for identity and access management (IAM) software that meets their security goals, but not all IAM products effectively balance strict user...
Cisco ISE Review, Cisco Product Logo

Cisco ISE Product Review

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) is identity security software that many enterprises rely on for access policy management as well as user and network...