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Jillian Koskie is an experienced software developer, writer, business analyst, and usability design expert. With over 24 years in these roles, Koskie has enjoyed applying her considerable skill set to assist clients and users across a wide variety of sectors, including: legal, health, and financial services. Combining these professional opportunities with a love of technology, Koskie is pleased to act as a trusted advisor, contribute articles, voice opinions, and offer advice to numerous organizations, news outlets, websites, and publications.

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Microsoft Azure: Cloud Portfolio Review

By providing businesses with access to on-demand computer system resources and scalable, high-availability data storage, cloud computing by Microsoft Azure offers increased business continuity...
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Microsoft Azure: Hybrid Cloud Portfolio Review

Hybrid cloud environments are flexible and powerful IT solutions, built using two or more components from private clouds, public clouds, and on-premises architecture. They...

HPE: Cloud Portfolio Review

The technology company Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) delivers a range of cloud software, infrastructure, and services. With over 60,000 team members and headquarters in...
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Cisco: Cloud Portfolio Review

Cisco has developed a suite of cloud solutions to help enterprises address their application availability and performance expectations. San Jose, California-based Cisco, founded in 1984,...
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Verizon vs. T-Mobile: Enterprise Review

Large-scale enterprise digital transformations require the kind of bandwidth and reliability promised by enterprise-level 5G service solutions. With the releases of Verizon’s Ultra Wideband...
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T-Mobile: Enterprise 5G Review

After offering low-band 5G network coverage to subscribers for some time, T-Mobile rolled out their Ultra Capacity 5G service late last year. Ultra Capacity...
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Jamf Pro Review

Motivated by a love of the Apple platform, Jamf Pro was developed to help companies succeed by delivering a mobile device management (MDM) solution...
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Kandji: Mobile Device Management (MDM) Review

Kandji is a San Diego, California-based Apple mobile device management (MDM) and security platform for all macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS devices. When Kandji was...
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Rippling: Mobile Device Management (MDM) Review

Armed with a mandate to eliminate the administrator work associated with running a company, Rippling provides the mobile device management (MDM) software required to...
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Verizon: Enterprise 5G Review

Verizon deployed 5G on the C-Band spectrum in January of 2022, making it possible for businesses to leverage more advanced 5G technologies. Whether your...