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Drew Robb is a contributing writer for Datamation, Enterprise Storage Forum, eSecurity Planet, Channel Insider, and eWeek. He has been reporting on all areas of IT for more than 25 years. He has a degree from the University of Strathclyde UK (USUK), and lives in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

Users, applications, and end points in a data network.

5 Top Edge Data Center Trends 

Data centers, by their very nature, have been centralized affairs. Instead of having a server in every office, or a small server room on...
A IT employee checks on servers in a data center.

5 Top Data Center Storage Trends 

Data center storage is a fascinating area.  On the one hand, there are compliance mandates about storing certain material and never deleting it. There are...
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Top Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) Trends

Hardware has always defined the data center. You looked into a big room and there stood aisle after aisle of servers, storage, and networking...
A pair of data center employees examine a server.

5 Top Data Center Equipment Trends 

The world of data center equipment has been turned on its head over the past two years due to issues surrounding the global supply...
A robotic face examines unstructured text data for machine learning (ML) model training in artificial intelligence (AI).

5 Top Computer Vision Trends

Computer vision is one facet of artificial intelligence (AI) that is all about helping computer systems understand the visual world and distinguish objects within...
A customer and chatbot dialog on smartphone screen, using conversational artificial intelligence (AI).

5 Top Voice Recognition Trends

Voice recognition has not had an easy pathway to broad application. Early systems were incredibly buggy. Even the broadly used systems suffer from the...
A network of endpoint devices and apps connects to a cloud computing infrastructure.

Top Container Networking Trends 

The rise of the cloud, virtualization, and especially containers, has exposed some weaknesses in traditional approaches to networking. Security issues probably rank the highest...
A smartphone connects to a wireless data network.

5 Top Wireless Networking Trends

Wireless and cellular networking is so popular than landlines may soon become obsolete. 40% of users have stopped using a landline phone completely according...
A IT employee checks on servers in a data center.

5 Top Data Center Networking Trends 

With the surging popularity of the cloud, and the hyperscalers appearing to conquer all before them, it might be surprising to learn that the...
A global network of data and endpoints.

5 Top SD-WAN Trends

Software-defined architectures are all about decoupling the software from the underlying hardware, i.e., you don’t have to buy a proprietary box to take advantage...