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Drew Robb is a contributing writer for Datamation, Enterprise Storage Forum, eSecurity Planet, Channel Insider, and eWeek. He has been reporting on all areas of IT for more than 25 years. He has a degree from the University of Strathclyde UK (USUK), and lives in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

Cybersecurity protecting data in a network.

5 Top Next-Generation Firewall Trends 

A next-generation firewall (NGFW) is a networking and security appliance or application that processes network traffic. NGFWs apply rules to block dangerous or potentially dangerous traffic....
Cybersecurity protects data an employee inputs into a laptop and network. Courtesy Adobe.

5 Top Firewall Trends

Firewalls have come a long way since they first appeared in the late 1980’s. Back at that time, they did little more than basic...
A network with multiple nodes.

5 Top Storage Area Network (SAN) Trends

Storage area networks (SANs) were once the kingpins of the storage world.  A handful of large storage companies ruled the roost. They captured the lion’s...
A virtual person embraces a network of data.

5 Top Storage Virtualization Trends

Storage virtualization has come a long way, and the journey has not yet been completed.  Many more virtualization avenues have yet to be traveled. Currently,...
A user taps a backup button on a digital interface.

5 Top Backup Storage Trends

Backup has been turned on its head over the last decade due to the presence of the cloud, the increased frequency of cyber attacks,...
A cloud computing network architecture.

5 Top Cloud Storage Trends

All storage used to be on-premises. But in the last 10 years, the picture has shifted markedly.  Now the cloud is the home of the...
enterprise IT

5 Top Data Storage Software Trends 

As storage hardware becomes more commoditized—especially at the lower end—software has stolen some of the spotlight, distinguishing itself by providing additional functionality and features...
A storage drive array lines a server.

5 Top Storage Hardware Trends 

Storage hardware is the backbone of the storage world.  Having reached a high state of maturity, it doesn’t get the coverage it once merited. Yet,...
Racks filled with servers line a data center.

5 Top Trends in Data Center Power 

Power is integral to any data center. Without electricity, a data center is just a bunch of dormant machines and unused software. Yet, power...
Employees perform data management processes from a laptop.

5 Top Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Trends 

Data center infrastructure encompasses a vast array of equipment. This includes servers, storage, networking, applications, and the cloud. But it also stretches into the...