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Datamation’s Emerging Tech Podcast and Webcast

Datamation’s Emerging Tech podcast and webcast features leading technology experts, covering Cloud, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and the other key tech trends reshaping the world.

The Future of Edge Computing: Beyond IoT

February 5

Featuring: Bryan Beal, Senior Director, Strategy and Solution Innovation at VMware – Telco and Edge Cloud Group.

Beal discusses the current state of edge computing, how it relates to cloud, the role of 5G, use cases for edge, and the future of edge computing.


Webcast Excerpt – What exactly is edge computing? (4:11)

See the complete webcast.

How to Get Started with Artificial Intelligence

January 29

Featuring: Dinesh Nirmal,  Vice President, IBM Data and AI Development; Site Executive, IBM Silicon Valley Lab.

Nirmal discusses the current state of the AI market, how companies are purchasing AI, challenges of AI, and the near term future of AI.


The Current State of AI: Early Adopters (4:52)

Cloud Computing 2020: Five Key Trends

January 21

Featuring: Bernard Golden. Wired magazine called Golden “one of the top ten experts in Cloud Computing”; his most recent position was Vice President for Cloud Computing at Capital One. 

Golden discusses multicloud vs. hybrid cloud, the future of edge computing, the importance of being cloud native, and more.


Webcast Excerpt – Trend Three: Four Companies Set the Pace (4:32)

See complete Cloud Computing 2020 webcast.

Is it Time to Find a New Enterprise Tech Vendor?

January 22

Featuring: R “Ray” Wang, Principal Analyst, Founder, Constellation Research and Michael Liebow, Cloud Platform Business Director, most recently as Global Managing Director at Accenture.

Wang and Liebow discussed vendor lock-in, the balance of power between vendors and buyers, the need to reevaluate vendor relationships, and more.


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