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System Administration: Get Folder Size Script

Author: Hans van der Zaag
Platform: Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Type: VBScript

DESCRIPTION: This script calculates the size of all subfolders within a specified folder and sorts the data automatically into an Excel workbook. Getfoldersize.vbs is particularly useful when you want to find out which folder takes the highest amount of disk space.

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System Administration: Get Folder Size Script

'	Name:		getfoldersize.vbs
'	Version:	1.0
'	Date:		7-5-2002
'	Author:		Hans van der Zaag
'	Description:	getfoldersize.vbs calculates the size of all subfolders within
'			a folder and sorts this data in an excel workbook

rootfolder = Inputbox("Enter directory/foldername: " & _
chr(10) & chr(10) & "(i.e. C:Program Files or " & _
"ServernameC$Program Files)" & chr(10) & chr(10), _
"Getfoldersize", "C:Program Files")

outputfile = "c:foldersize_" & Day(now) & Month(now) & Year(now) & ".xls"

Set fso = CreateObject("scripting.filesystemobject")
if fso.fileexists(outputfile) then fso.deletefile(outputfile)

'Create Excel workbook
set objXL = CreateObject( "Excel.Application" )
objXL.Visible = False

'Counter 1 for writing in cell A1 within the excel workbook
icount = 1

'Run checkfolder
CheckFolder (FSO.getfolder(rootfolder))

Sub CheckFolder(objCurrentFolder)

For Each objFolder In objCurrentFolder.SubFolders
 FolderSize = objFolder.Size
 Tmp = (FormatNumber(FolderSize, 0, , , 0)/1024)/1024
 ObjXL.ActiveSheet.Cells(icount,1).Value = objFolder.Path
 ObjXL.ActiveSheet.Cells(icount,2).Value = Tmp
 'Wscript.Echo Tmp & " " & objFolder.Path
	 'raise counter with 1 for a new row in excel 
 icount = icount + 1

'Recurse through all of the folders
For Each objNewFolder In objCurrentFolder.subFolders
CheckFolder objNewFolder

End Sub

'sort data in excel
objXL.Selection.Sort objXL.Worksheets(1).Range("B1"), _
  2, _
  , _
  , _
  , _
  , _
  , _
  0, _
  1, _
  False, _

'Lay out for Excel workbook 

objXL.Columns(1).ColumnWidth = 60
objXL.Columns(2).ColumnWidth = 15
objXL.Columns(2).NumberFormat = "#,##0.0"
objXL.Range("B1:B1").NumberFormat = "d-m-yyyy"
objXL.Selection.Font.Bold = True
objXL.Selection.Font.ColorIndex = 5
objXL.Selection.Font.Italic = True
objXL.Selection.Font.Size = 16
ObjXL.ActiveSheet.Cells(1,1).Value = "Survey FolderSize " 
ObjXL.ActiveSheet.Cells(1,2).Value = Day(now) & "-" & Month(now) & "-"& Year(now)
ObjXL.ActiveSheet.Cells(3,1).Value = UCase(rootfolder)
ObjXL.ActiveSheet.Cells(5,1).Value = "Folder"
ObjXL.ActiveSheet.Cells(5,2).Value = "Total (MB)"

'Finally close the workbook
Set ObjXL = Nothing

'Message when finished
Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Finished = Msgbox ("Script executed successfully, results can be found in " & Chr(10) _
& outputfile & "." & Chr(10) & Chr(10) _
& "Do you want to view the results now?", 65, "Script executed successfully!")
if Finished = 1 then WshShell.Run "excel " & outputfile

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