Friday, December 2, 2022

IDC-Datamation Cloud Computing Survey

Take the IDC–Datamation Cloud Computing Survey

Okay, have we got a deal for you.

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Are you a manager or professional whose company is involved in – or is adopting – cloud computing? Do you fully understand concepts like hybrid cloud, private cloud and software as a service?

If so, we’ll make you an offer. In exchange for taking the IDC–Datamation Cloud Computing Survey – you’ll need about 15 minutes – we’ll send you one of three proprietary IDC research reports. (Or, if you don’t want a report, simply leave off your email address at the survey’s end.)

Here’s the menu of IDC reports you may choose from: 2010 Public Cloud Forecast, 2010 SaaS Forecast, and 2010 Public Cloud Vertical Market Sizing and Forecast. Providing industry-wide data, these detailed reports forecast cloud trends for the years 2012-2014. These IDC research reports typically cost several hundred dollars per report.

The IDC-Datamation Cloud Computing Survey is in-depth. It delves into cloud adoption schedules, budget, infrastructure, vendor preferences and strategic planning. The survey has 15 questions, after three short “screener” questions up front.

So settle in and put on your thinking cap. We thank you in advance for your participation:

Take the IDC–Datamation Cloud Computing Survey.

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