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Download Software: Windows / Linux, Open Source / Mac

A library of software to download, including desktop tools, security, file conversion, and just about everything else. Scroll down to find software for your operating system.

• MIXED OS (Could be Windows, Mac, or Open Source)

Download Software: The Most Popular Downloads

Download these popular software programs by following the links in this list. Includes browsers, media players, security, image editing and more.

Fifty Fantastic Freebies
Office productivity, storage, blogging, security, RSS feeds, open source, file conversion: it’s all free software. Oh, and don’t miss the “undelete” program.

The Best RSS Readers

Staying current with your favorite RSS feed requires a top RSS reader. Here are
the best choices among desktop, Web-based, and plug-in options.


100 Essential Downloads for Windows
Windows software downloads for virtually any purpose, from Internet phone to RSS to instant messaging. (Many are free.)


100 Open Source Downloads
File sharing, emulators, content managers, security, video-audio tools – and the list goes on. There’s even a mind mapper. (What’s a mind mapper?)

Ten Open Source Security Apps Worth Considering
Are open source security apps a good choice for your company? A look at the pros and cons. Plus: a handful of apps in the forefront.

50 Open Source Desktop Projects: Good Downloads
Some wonderfully useful (and free or cheap) downloads await you. Email, video, audio, security, image editing – and much more.

Linux Desktop: Seven Leading Applications

Profiles of products equipped to play a key role in the adoption of the Linux desktop: what they do, their strengths and weakness, and their management team.

Linux Distros for Everyone: Community, Desktop, Hardcore Geek…
Linux distributions for every purpose: Commercial, music, security, philosophically free, hardware, compact, education – and the list goes on.

10 Open Source Apps You Can’t Live Without

The core software programs that every open source desktop needs.


My Top 50 Mac Applications
A noted Mac guru lists his “must have” personal favorites. Mac software for every occasion.

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