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Cool iPhone Apps: 65 Free Downloads

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Cool iPhone apps – for free – are certainly one of the best things on the Web. The following list contains the very best among the free iPhone apps: games, Facebook, search, music, helpful tools, and more.

So what are you waiting for? Start downloading (note: all links open in iTunes for easy, free download.)

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1) i.TV
The ultimate movie, TV and DVD guide, all for free on your iPhone. Find out when and where your favorite show is playing, and record it to your Tivo with a single tap. Plus: browse the Netflix catalog.

2) Movies
Get upcoming showtimes and watch trailers on your iPhone. Plus: a DVD catalog of over 150,000 titles.

3) TMZ
The iPhone version of the popular entertainment network: news and videos about the stars, movies, music. The newest news about the hottest celebs, with plenty of photos.

4) Upstreaming Viewing Application
A video viewing app that handles both live and recorded video, with a built-in interactive chat feature. Includes full-screen support.

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5) Remote Sound Box (Sound Effects)
A library of sound effects for you to instantly play from your iPhone: crowd boo, glass shatter, whiny dog and many more. You can also add your own wild n’ wacky sounds.

6) Pandora Internet radio
Pumps out a never-ending stream of free, fresh tunes to your iPhone, based on the songs and bands you already like.

7) Midomi
Put your iPhone up to a radio or stereo speaker and – presto – Midomi spits out the name of the song. It’s kind of freaky, when you think about it. If you get bored you can play “stump the iPhone.” (Does your iPhone know every song?)

8) iheart Radio
Gives you access to America’s top radio stations, along with song titles, lyrics, cover art and more. Includes: Ryan Seacrest, Dr. Laura, Glen Beck and a crowd of other media celebs.

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9) Lightsaber Unleashed
For the inner Star Wars fan within us all: your very own iPhone-based lightsaber. Swing your iPhone and hear the swoosh of the lightsaber. Add your favorite character. (“Luke, I am your father…”)

10) FlipBook Lite
Bring your drawings and doodles to life and share them with friends. The total drawing toolkit: an eraser, layered drawing, copy and paste. Plus: load images from your camera to touch them up by hand.

11) MiniPiano
Okay, it’s just 14 notes or a full baby grand, but MiniPiano lets you plink out tunes to your heart’s content — or jam at full speed if you’re able.

12) Aero Guitar Free
Play your Aero guitar by touching, tapping and shaking your iPhone. (Careful, though, don’t smash it on the stage.) Includes ranking functions so that you can find who’s the baddest guitar player in the land.

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13) Haunted
Terrifying! It’s like a horror movie on your iPhone. “Nothing will prepare you for what you are about to see,” its makers claim. Warning: not for the faint of heart.

14) Shazam
Helps you identify a song you hear on the radio or online, tells you where you can find it, lets you send its tags to your friends, plus shows you an related videos.

15) The iBall (Free)
The iPhone’s version of the mystical fortune teller. Allows you to switch between styles of fortune telling, including “Zen,” “weird,” and “classic.” Plus: a gold bling-ball.

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16) Lie Dectector Advanced (Free)
A voice-based lie detector (for fun only) that measures the level of stress in a person’s voice to see if they’re fibbing. Who needs the FBI? Conduct your own lie detector test.

17) Mood Phone
The MoodPhone can (in theory) sense your mood and provide a visual that reflects it: happy, sad, in love, angry. Let the MoodPhone tell you how you feel.

Social Networking and IM: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

18) Fring
Think of it as a universal IM client: it does AIM, MSN, Google Talk, Skype, Yahoo, ICQ, Twitter. If that’s not enough it also handle VoIP calls over Wi-Fi so you can make free phone calls.

19) Twittelator
Helps manage your Tweet stream – friends, fans and family – by tracking small sub groups, among other functions.

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20) ShoZu
Enables you to take pictures with the iPhone’s built-in camera and – with no hassle – upload them to the Web. Put them on Facebook, a photo sharing site like Picasa, or any Internet site.

21) Facebook for iPhone
Helps you interface with Facebook in numerous ways, including Facebook chat, uploading photos, and finding your friends.

22) MySpace for iPhone
Put the vast world of MySpace on your iPhone – with this app you can socializing with your MySpace friends when you’re on the go.

23) AIM
Connect with your friends via the AIM instant messenger service. This version is completely rebuilt for the iPhone.

News and Information

cool iphone app,
USA Today

24) USA Today
What newspaper does colorful pie charts like USA Today? Scan and read stories from sports to politics to fashion to tech.

25) New York Times
America’s newspaper of record has made itself very easy to scan on your iPhone, with articles and photo layouts specially customized.

26) The Weather Channel
Not only find out if rain or sun is coming, but create customizable weather maps and share alerts and forecasts via email.

Personal Productivity: Search, Note writing, memos, etc.

27) Writing Pad
Yes, the iPhone’s tiny keyboard is kind of a hassle to use to write notes. To ease the hassle, Writing Pad enables you to write by dragging your finger along a virtual keyboard. It’s takes some getting used to, but long term it might be easier than pretending you have tiny fingers.

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28) Google Mobile App
Put a Google-powered search box on your iPhone, and it searches both the Web and your phone’s address book. Google Mobile App also connects you to Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs and other applications owned by the search giant.

29) Pageonce Personal Assistant
Combines all your accounts – bank, investing, frequent flier, etc. – together into one convenient pageview so that you can manage your life more conveniently.

30) Instapaper
Allows you to send articles you find on the Web to your iPhone. So when you have a few minutes of downtime (say, you’re waiting for a friend) you can catch up on Web news.


31) Labyrinth Lite
Fun game: tilt your phone back and forth to navigate marbles across a smooth floor. Test your skill and focus.

32) Aqua Baller
Attempt to get footballs and basketballs into their goals – compete with your friends across the Web.

cool iphone app,
Google Mobile App

33) Sol Free Solitaire
Turn your iPhone into a game center that requires only me, myself and I. This free solitaire game is one of the iPhone’s most popular.

34) The Plateau Lite
The puzzle solver in you will enjoy untangling these onscreen knots. Please, save the orb!

35) Mancala
Move your pieces and capture as much of the board as you can – win at this popular game of “count and capture.” Supports multi-player games over the Net.

36) iBasketball
Shoot baskets right there on your iPhone. Play one-on-one matches, and compete in a timed game to see who can sink more three-pointers.

37) Space Buster lite
The iPhone game based on some classic arcade games of yesteryear. Offers three levels of difficulty.

cool iphone app,

38) iShoot Lite
Pow! Bam! Splat! An action shoot-em-up game allows you to chose among many weapons, including nuclear bombs. You start the game with a fleet of tanks. How’s that for power?

39)Sodoku (Free)
With four different skill levels of Sodok, this is one of the iPhone’s most popular apps. Are you up for the advanced level?

40) MazeFinger
With wild visual effects and sound, you’ll race through these (finger-based) mazes like a character in an action thriller.

41) Newton’s Cradle
Check out the forces of gravity and momentum – and space out while watching the hanging balls as they respond to finger swipes. New release features better performance and multi-touch support.

42) Topple
Interesting visual and an upbeat soundtrack enliven this game of stacking and balance. This popular game has won numerous awards, and Macworld calls it a “must have” game.

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43) PAC-MAN Lite
A free version of the arcade classic. It’s your turn to devour blinking power pellets — or else! (And please, avoid Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde…)

44) Falling Balls
This one’s popular. A lone hero, trying to avoid enormous balls that are falling from above. (And the thud they make on impact is huge…)

45) Super Monkey Ball Lite
The adorable monkey, trapped in a transparent ball, must find his way to victory. He needs you to twist and turn his world to help him – he’s stuck forever without your help.

46) Stun-O-Matic
Intimidate those pestering bullies by holding up the iPhone and flashing a big threatening lightening. (Alas, in reality it doesn’t turn the iPhone into a taser – but they don’t know that.)

cool iphone app,
Finger Football

47) Duck shoot by Carnival Labs
Can you shoot the ducks as fast as they pop up? Warning: this game is addictive.

48) Finger Football
Play solo or play against a competitor. The football game takes places in a semi-realistic stadium complete with Astroturf.

49) LightBike Free
As you drive the LightBike, it creates walls of light on your track – helping you defeat the lurking cyber-villains.

50) reMovem Free
It’s a pretty impressive game: no guns or bombs, but exceptionally popular among iPhone users. How many balls can you remove?

cool iphone app,

51) BubbleWrap
Take a mental break and see how many of the bubbles you can pop in the short time allotted. Winner of a 2008 iPhone Excellence Award.


52) Remote
Get the most advanced Google search right on your iPhone. Speak your query instead of typing it; search based on your location. Plus: fast access to Google apps like Mail, Talk, Earth, Photos and more.

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53) eBay Mobile
Now there’s no reason to ever be away from the earth’s biggest online marketplace. Specially designed to run natively on the iPhone. Includes multi-language and international support.

54) Lose It!
Helps you attain your weight loss goals by tracking your calorie consumption. When we know the calorie cost of that cheesecake, we’re less likely to consume it (we hope).

55) Flashlight
Your iPhone is more than phone/Web surfing tool – it’s also a small flashlight that helps you find your keys in the dark.

56) Google Earth
Arguably one of the most profound apps ever created for the iPhone, Google Earth allows you to see vantage points across the planet – mountains, cities, oceans. Stunningly, it offers high-res imagery for about half the globe’s population. Now: Google Earth has started showing the ocean floor. Cool!

57) Dictionary: the Simple Dictionary
With a comparatively small 140,000 definitions, the dictionary won’t bog you down with complexity. Includes sample usages and a tool that helps you find words that “sound like” other words.

cool iphone app,
Lose It!

58) Stanza Book Reader
Read electronic books on your iPhone. Store and categorize books in the organizer. Plus: chose from among the 50,000 free books.

59) iHandy Level Free
A carpenter’s friend, iHandy tells you if a given surface is actually level. Includes calibration capability.

61) Urbanspoon
Helps you find restaurants in your area. Shake it once, see a choice; not happy? Shake it again for another restaurant pick. Filter by neighborhood, cuisine or price.

62) Graphing Calculator
Use your iPhone as a high-res 2D function plotter. Add variables and plot graphs. Includes a custom keyboard to enter variables faster.

cool iphone app,
Google Earth

63) Free Language Translator
Polish to Korean, English to Spanish – helps you speak any language you need, wherever you are in the world.

64) Whiteboard: Collaborative Drawing
Two iPhone users can use a Wi-Fi connection to lay out diagrams (or just doodle) together. Quickly sketch out a concept or a map.

65) iPhone Backgrounds
Wild, colorful, eye-catching and trippy: free, multi-colored backgrounds for your iPhone.

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