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Top 200 Tech Blogs: the Datamation List

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The universe of tech blogs is solar system-sized and getting bigger all the time. Part of what makes it so vast is an inescapable fact: people interested in technology spend inordinate time with computers, so naturally a Web-based medium is wildly popular. Notice how many more tech blogs there are than, say, blogs about furniture or sail boating.

Based on unscientific count, there are even more tech blogs than blogs dedicated to really cute kittens. And there’s a nearly infinite number of blogs about cuddly little kitties. (But the reader comments on kitty blogs are much, much nicer than comments on tech blogs.)

So the question becomes more difficult every year: Which of the gazillion tech blogs are worth your time?

To help answer that, the following list surveys the very best. These Weblogs are written by informed insiders, longtime observers, pros working in the field, passionate aficionados. In some cases they put larger new organizations to shame – breaking stories earlier, providing more trenchant comment – even as leading tech publications now use blogs to churn out news and opinion faster.

A little bragging: there are several lists of top tech blogs, most notably CNET’s Blog 100, which is an uncategorized list, and TechCrunch’s Top Tech Bloggers, which counts blog headlines picked up by TechMeme (a method that, conveniently, lists TechCrunch in three of the top four positions). Or Technorati’s Technology Blogs, which is auto-generated based on number of incoming links. But none of the lists are as comprehensive, categorized, or carefully reviewed by a human editor as this Datamation list. Our aim is to make this the definitive guide; if you’d like to add a tech blog, please post in the Forum.

So rev up your browser and start surfing. Peruse the full list, or jump right to the category you like:

Most Popular / Tech Publications / Security

Windows-Mac-Linux / Enterprise Tech / Tech Insiders

Consumer Tech-Gadgets / Programming / Wonderfully Geeky

Highly Recommended

The “Big” Tech Blogs: Most Popular

A mention on one of these massively trafficked blogs can influence a reputation or sell a product.

1) Gizmodo
Shiny tech toys, cell phones, portable electronics, gaming consoles – all the stuff that helps you increase your credit card balance.

2) Engadget
Still more tech toys, like a calculator watch and a device that reads aloud your Twitter feeds. (Do you really want to hear them?). A good place to look for the newest generation of mini Netbooks.

3) Lifehacker
Learn how to live more productively by leveraging the latest technology, from new software to helpful gadgets. For instance, find out how to recycle a cereal box into gift packaging or find the best FTP clients.

4) TechCrunch
An exhaustive range of tech subjects, from Web business news to software releases to consumer trends to enterprise IT. Co-edited by Michael Arrington and Erick Schonfeld, who seem to have a pipeline to all the upcoming rumors.

5) Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger
Robert Scobleizer is obsessed with technology. A constant and intensely passionate commentator who follows tech news of every stripe.

6) GigaOM
Speaking of obsessed: the hard working Om Malik had a heart attack at the end of 2007, but just keeps on posting (though he does claim to be off the Scotch and cigarettes). Malik and his team focus on broadband, Web news, mobile, and more.

7) Silicon Valley Insider
The deals, the dirt, the money – even as you read this, someone is pitching to someone.

8) Valleywag
Gossipy, uncensored stuff – both business and personal – about the tech world, focusing on Silicon Valley but also traveling far afield. Special bonus: It’s actually well written, unlike the great mass of semi-literate blogs.

9) Boing Boing
Presents the weird and wacky, like a guide to watching videos while driving, microbatteries built by viruses, and a clown cigarette umbrella. The self-described “Dictionary of Wonderful Things” has few boundaries.

10) ReadWriteWeb
Helmed by the intrepid Richard MacManus, with help from an extensive team, ReadWriteWeb covers Web technology and news: Twitter, enterprise Internet news, eBay, Google.

11) Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)
Snarky, often funny commentary on all things Apple. And of course every last detail about the upcoming iPhone releases.

12) Techdirt
A team of IT and tech observers provides in-depth coverage of industry developments, including legal issues. They also post reader submissions.

13) Mashable
News, rumor and comment about social media and social networking: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and all the other examples of semi-organized Web-based crowd behavior.

14) Seth Godin’s Blog
The prolific and peripatetic Godin focuses more on marketing and branding than tech, yet much of what he does overlaps with Web/emerging technology issues.

15) Ars Technica
Is Ars Technica a blog? As blogs evolve, it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between a “blog” and a traditional news site. While Ars Technica is commonly listed as a blog, its posts are often full-length pieces written in traditional reportorial style – not the individual voice associated with blogs. If this site is a blog, it’s a good one, covering IT, Apple, gaming, hardware and more.

Most Popular / Tech Publications / Security

Windows-Mac-Linux / Enterprise Tech / Tech Insiders

Consumer Tech-Gadgets / Programming / Wonderfully Geeky

Highly Recommended

Blogs from Major Tech Publications

Blogs created by major publications have far greater reportorial resources than those written by individuals.

16) NetworkWorld
A deep focus on enterprise technology, including security, LANs & WANs, network management, wireless and more. Be sure to check out the always entertaining Paul McNamara.

17) O’Reilly Radar
Tim O’Reilly and his team put out intelligent tech analysis, with the emphasis on predicting what’s coming before it fully arrives.

18) Bits – Technology – New York Times
Smart writing and reporting about both consumer and enterprise tech, with substantially fewer unproven rumors than the typical Red Bull-fueled tech blogger.

19) Blogs
Informed commentary by a top crew of veteran writers and reporters, providing insight into everything from software to hardware to mobile to security to PCs. (Published by Jupitermedia, which publishes the site you’re reading.) Among other must-reads, check out Andy Patrizio from Silicon Valley and Sean Michael Kerner on the Linux/enterprise beat. Plus: the new Semantic Web blog covers the emerging Web 3.0 world. Oh, and don’t miss the Datamation blog.

20) Wired’s Blogs
Preternaturally irreverent, but backed up by a hefty staff of in-the-know tech reporters, the Wired News stable of blogs is one of the Internet’s most influential.

21) ZDNet Blogs
Clearly one of the best collections of tech analysts on the Web, including longtime Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley, the uncensored insight of Jason Perlow, and the peripatetic musings of Larry Dignan and crew.

22) InformationWeek Blogs
The formidable resources of Information Week gives depth to its panoramic coverage of IT and consumer technology, aided by piquant analysis from Alexander Wolfe, Serdar Yegulalp, Paul McDougalland others.

23) CNET Blogs
Not only does tech heavyweight CNET offer the full universe of tech news, it’s so massively all-encompassing it even has a blog about mechanical engineering. (Can you top that?) Particularly noteworthy is the tech-politics coverage of Declan McCullagh.

24) TechRepublic Blogs
Covers the enterprise IT world: servers, security, tech staffing, virtualization, software as a service, and consultancies.

25) Computerworld: Opinion/Blogs
Experienced voices providing commentary that focuses on enterprise technology yet also delves into consumer tech, featuring voices like Windows pundit Preston Gralla and IT watcher Don Tennant.

26) Todd Bishop’s Microsoft Blog
Call it the “hometown” Microsoft blog. Published by the the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, veteran Redmond observer Todd Bishop dishes some Microsoft tidbits you might not see elsewhere.

27) Dwight Silverman: TechBlog
The Houston Chronicle’sDwight Silverman earns a spot in the blogrolls of many of top bloggers with his well-written commentary on consumer technology.

28) InfoWorld
Topics like JavaScript, Sun, Dell, SOA – these blogs focus on mission-critical tech for large corporations.

29) eWeek Blogs
If it has to do with technology – from jobs to security to platforms – there’s commentary about it at the eWeek blog portal. Keep your eye on leading tech pundit Eric Lundquist and security expert Matt Hines.

30) RedHerring Blogs
The once hot print publication still thrives online. (Kind of funny to think they needed a print version, huh?) A mix of software, gaming, gadgets, mobile and big player news.

31) The Guardian’s Tech Blog
Bright, smartly penned commentary with an English accent, mostly about consumer tech: Googlebombs, Windows 7, the iPhone.

32) Financial Times Tech Blog
One of the Continent’s great newspapers analyzes who’s making money and who’s not.

33) BusinessWeek’s Blogspotting
Heather Green and Stephen Baker survey cutting edge technologies: behavioral technologies, privacy rights, social media.

34) Technology Review’s Blogs
Wow, these folks have high IQs (no wonder they write blogs published by the august Massachusetts Institute of Technology.) “Personal genomics”…“people aware computing.” Getting ready for some very heady stuff.

Most Popular / Tech Publications / Security

Windows-Mac-Linux / Enterprise Tech / Tech Insiders

Consumer Tech-Gadgets / Programming / Wonderfully Geeky

Highly Recommended


The inside scoop on the never-ending effort to fight the black hatters who plague our computers.

35) Schneier on Security
Is there a more famous security guru than Bruce Schneier? What’s impressive about his blog is the expansive reach of subject matter: software, hardware, the Net, privacy, as well as security issues in a larger societal context.

36) Network Security Blog
Longtime blogger Martin McKeay holds forth on spammers, hackers, black-hatters, and the good IT folks who work to keep them at bay.

37) Securosis
Privacy, app security, physical and home security, Securosis offers thoughtful analysis with a hefty dose of uncensored opinion.

38) Mike Rothman’s Security Incite
Covers the information security marketplace and also offers comment on major security news stories.

39) Brian Krebs’s Security Fix
Backed by the reporting chops of the Washington Post, Security Fix is a deep and widely inclusive resource. Very well done.

40) Rational Survivability
Big time insight about risk management and disruptive innovation. As proof of his street cred, blogger Chris Hoff wrote the infamous “DNS Debacle” poem: “A few months ago/ Kaminsky discovered a flaw / It was with DNS/ It was nasty and raw.”

41) Stiennon on Security
A well known name in the security business, Richard Stiennon pens pithy commentary about enterprise security.

42) Microsoft Security Response Center
All the bulletins and updates you’ll need (or at least most of them) for Microsoft security vulnerabilities. Sign up for a notification so you don’t need to check in regularly.

43) Danger Room
National security coverage written and reported with a high profile reputation. I’ve even heard the Pentagon keeps on eye on this blog.

44) Tao Security
The personal blog of Richard Bejtlich, director of incident response for General Electric. He gets around and knows how to share his insights.

45) The IT Security Guy
Blogger Joel Dubin authored The Little Black Book of Computer Security, which is geared for IT security managers.

46) Mark Collier’s VoIP Security Blog
A deep resource on the unique security challenges posed by voice over Internet communication protocols – which will clearly be an ever-bigger issue in the years ahead.

Actively combats the bad guys who put out viruses and other malware that threatens our PCs. (“If you’re a bad guy, you’d best fear me.”) Some quite entertaining stuff.

48) Kim Cameron’s Identity Weblog
Cameron, the architect of Identity and Access at Microsoft, offers some important and smart thoughts about protecting yourself against the epidemic of identity theft.

Most Popular / Tech Publications / Security

Windows-Mac-Linux / Enterprise Tech / Tech Insiders

Consumer Tech-Gadgets / Programming / Wonderfully Geeky

Highly Recommended

Operating Systems: Windows–Mac–Linux

Three different operating systems, with three very different worldviews about software and the PC.

Microsoft Windows

49) Windows Vista Team Blog
Redmond’s outlet for news and development about the Vista OS, written for a tech-savvy audience. On the same site is the Windows Experience Blog, which covers virtually every aspect of the popular platform’s use. And here’s an extensive list of Microsoft employee blogs, including blog portals dedicated to Windows Server, mobile, gaming, Office, security, and more.

50) Ed Bott’s Windows Expertise
Ed Bott is inarguably one of theexperts when it comes to Windows. His long, knowledgeable posts have earned him a huge following.

51) Paul Thurrott’s WinInfo
A longtime leader and thought shaper in the Windows community. Like Bott, he has a big readership.

52) Ron Barrett’s A Better Windows World
An experienced IT professional, Barrett knows the Windows OS inside out.

53) Long Zheng’s I Started Something
He’s only 20 years old, but he’s a remarkably smart (and sometimes funny) blogger about Windows software; particularly interesting is his collection of interviewswith Microsoft industry figures.

Apple Macintosh

54) Mac Rumors
Arnold Kim is a physician, but made so much money from his enormously popular Mac blog that he quit medicine. Updated with incessant frequency. Here’s an interesting articleabout Kim and his life as a Mac blogger.

55) Daring Fireball
Clearly, John Gruber knows a whole lot about the Macintosh. And you have to be deepinto Apple to grok him. For instance, how about posts on “iPhone sandboxing” and the inner workings of OpenClip? Some very inside stuff.

56) Macworld Weblogs
An all-inclusive portal of blogs covering every conceivable Mac topic.

57) AppleInsider
Apple fan boys gone wild: Hurray for the Mac!

58) Cult of Mac
All the Mac news, plus a sprinkling of Apple trivia and rumor that’s as arcane as any on the Web. How many other blogs would post photos of Steve Jobs’s car (supposedly) parked in handicapped parking spaces?

GNU/Linux / Free and Open Source

59) Groklaw
Helmed by Pamela Jones, Groklaw is an exhaustive and constantly updated source of analysis about business news and litigation concerning open source.

60) Bruce Byfield’s Off the Wall
One of the Web’s preeminent GNU/Linux journalists blogs about free and open source software, as well as life in general.

A central gathering place for the passionate debate inspired by Linux and open source, with freewheeling comments galore and opinions flying every which way. Warning: Windows users might get their feelings hurt.

62) Miquel de Icaza’s Web Log
The founder of the GNOME project talks about coding and his current projects, particularly Mono.

63) The Linux Blog
Clearly on the geekier side, the Linux Blog’s posts cover technical topics like Linux scripting tips and read times on your hard disk.

64) Linux Today Blog
Explores the latest news and controversy that has Linux advocates talking.

65) Mark Shuttleworth’s Blog
The man behind Ubuntu writes about Free Software, the components of the software stack and, of course, the world’s most popular Linux distro.

66) Ken Hess’s Linux Blog
Ken Hess is into it: from the Microsoft–Novell deal to the Linus Torvalds’ security smackdown, this Linux partisan comments on it all.

67) SourceForge Community Blog
News and commentary about open source in general and the zillions of projects hosted at SourceForge, written by Ross Turk and Lisa Hoover.

68) Matt Asay: The Open Road
Yes, he’s partisan, but he’s also balanced and well informed. Plus he stays in touch with a lot of people in the business world, which adds context to his analysis.

69) Jim Zemlin
Zemlin, the executive director of the Linux Foundation, blogs from the front lines of the open source movement. But he’s willing to publicly admit he went out and bought the (very closed source) iPhone – and uses it constantly. How’s that for ideological flexibility?

70) Free Software Foundation
Partisan commentary about Free software from one of the true centers of the Free software movement. Occasionally you might even see a post from founder Richard Stallman.

Most Popular / Tech Publications / Security

Windows-Mac-Linux / Enterprise Tech / Tech Insiders

Consumer Tech-Gadgets / Programming / Wonderfully Geeky

Highly Recommended

Tech Insiders

Active participants in the tech scene who have been around long enough to know what’s going on behind the scenes.

71) John Dvorak Uncensored
A provocateur whose musings about consumer and enterprise tech are always straight to the point. Who else but Dvorak would recommend that Apple should “pull the plug on the iPhone” – one of the most successful product launches in tech history? Clearly, he’s not afraid to march to the beat of his own drummer. (Note: he gets help from an expert crew on his personal blog.) Here’s his work on Marketwatch

72) Leo Laporte
The onetime TechTV host is now a Renaissance Man of new media, leveraging Twitter and Net video feeds to broadcast tech news and trends.

73) All Things Distributed
As the CTO of Amazon, of course Werner Vogels’ blog promotes the online retail giant. Yet he also offers context on larger issues in cloud computing, along with interesting personal asides.

74) Rahul Sood
The founder of VooDooPC, now the CTO for Hewlett-Packard’s global gaming business, blogs about PCs, desktop software, and the tech industry.

75) I, Cringely: The Pulpit
The original Robert X. Cringely (there are more than one – it’s a long story) can be found on the PBS site. Having earned his street cred with decades in the tech biz, Cringely writes with a sharp anti-conformist bent.

76) Niall Kennedy’s Weblog
Kennedy is a rare individual in that he’s both a serious programmer (he was a featured developer of the TUI JavaScript libraries) and an event organizer who produces the annual Widget Summit in Silicon Valley, among other activities. He blogs about how syndication and emerging business trends are changing the Web.

77) Marc Andreessen
Having co-founded Netscape, and more recently the social network Ning, Andreessen is well qualified to comment on the relationship between society, business and the Web.

78) Alan Meckler’s Internet Media Commentary
Meckler, the CEO of Jupitermedia (the company that publishes this site) has done about as many Internet deals as anyone. So in addition to being one of the few CEOs to pen a blog, his posts offer pithy behind-the-scenes insight into business on the Web.

79) Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google and SEO
Cutts, a software engineer and head of Google’s Webspam team, covers a lot of Internet-related issues along with a smattering of personal tech.

80) Esther Dyson
Describing herself as the “Internet’s court jester,” Dyson blogs about Web business and social media, among other topics.

81) Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols
Leading Linux pundit Vaughn-Nichols promotes open source on the desktop and in business. Here’s a second Linux-related bloghe writes.

82) Scott Rosenberg’s Wordyard
A co-founder of, where he was technology editor (and later managing editor) Rosenberg is a thoughtful observer of the tech-culture scene. He’s the author of a book about software development, Dreaming in Code, and an upcoming book about blogging,

83) Robin Miller’s
The personal musings of the SourceForge head honcho. He also posts about the software business on

84) The Tech Confidential Blog
Whispers and murmurs about tech deals and business relationships you might not hear elsewhere.

85) Seth Finkelstein’s Infothought
A serious, detailed look at search engine policy, focusing on Google and the DMCA.

86) Mark Cuban Blog Maverick
Cuban scored a mountain of cash in the dotcom days, and is now an unabashedly opinionated commentator about business/tech issues. He famously declared that the Internet is now ”dead and boring.”Who knew?

87) Good Morning Silicon Valley
John Murrell offers a lively mix of tech business news, intelligently and entertainingly written.

88) VentureBeat
The business of tech, with an emphasis on consumer tech news and trends. Aided by a full staff, VentureBeat has earned a substantial following.

89) Ron Miller
Short, pointed posts and copious links about, well, pretty much everything: Apple, open source, software, Web publishing, and more. Miller is an experienced journalist.

90) Henry Blodget: Silicon Valley Insider
Sure, during the days of the late 1990s tech bubble Blodget was a poster boy for the conflict of interest between the research and banking divisions of brokerage houses, but his comments are well written and chock full of interesting insight.

91) Esther Schindler: You’re the Boss
Insider’s tips and commentary about management in the tech working world. Example: How do you answer an interviewer’s question: What are your strengths?

92) Device Guru
Embedded processors, mobility, robotics, storage and other topics covered by the highly knowledgeable Rick Lehrbaum.

Most Popular / Tech Publications / Security

Windows-Mac-Linux / Enterprise Tech / Tech Insiders

Consumer Tech-Gadgets / Programming / Wonderfully Geeky

Highly Recommended

Enterprise Tech

The sophisticated IT tools and strategies that companies use to gain competitive advantage in a global marketplace.

93) Enterprise Irregulars
A mixed group of industry pros blogs about all sectors of enterprise tech: CRM, on-demand, Vista, big vendors, and more.

94) IT Toolbox
An online community of IT professionals, launched in 1998, blogging about the full range of enterprise tech issues.

95) Phil Wainewright: Software as Services
Few pundits capture the rapidly evolving world of SaaS like Phil Wainewright.

96) SaaS blog
Sinclair Schuller is CEO of Apprenda, a SaaS vendor, but his blog goes far beyond mere self-promotion.

97) Service Architecture – SOA
Although Steve Jones is a SOA professional, he blogs based on his personal insight rather than a vendor’s agenda.

98) Wall Street Journal: Business Technology
Ben Worthen and several other writers turn the intersection of business and technology into an entertaining topic.

99) Simon Phipp’s “WebMink in the Sun”
Sun Microsystem’s chief open source officer is an interesting fellow. UK-based and highly literate, he’s aware of the politics as well as the technology of software. Also take a look at the blog of Jonathan Schwartz, Sun’s CEO. He writes long, in-depth posts about the tech business, focusing (of course) on Sun’s business. Mixed in with the self-promotion are some interesting observations about today’s IT landscape.

100) FASTForward
Takes a look at where enterprise technology is headed, written by a hefty staff of industry experts. Sponsored by Microsoft.

101) Business of Software
Perspectives on the commercial and technical aspects of software by Neil Davidson, the joint CEO of Red Gate Software and organizer of the Business of Software conference.

102) HP Community Blogs
All manner of enterprise tech issues, from Unix to blade servers to office printing – and much of it is not just a commercial for Hewlett-Packard.

103) Enterprise Web 2.0
The big tech trends among big companies, with an emphasis on the Web’s role in corporate tech.

104) Intelligent Enterprise
Informed commentary on business intelligence issues, data warehousing, big vendors like SAP and Oracle, and other essential topics for IT managers.

105) SeekingAlpha: Sectors
Scroll down this page to see blog portals dedicated to the financial outlook of various tech sectors, including software, semis, hardware, gadgets, and telecom.

106) Chief Architect
In-depth thoughts on the complex business of enterprise architecture and IT management.

107) EMC: Chuck’s Blog
EMC VP Chuck Hollis is a smart fellow who knows how to write conversationally. He covers topics like green IT, datacenter strategy, and, of course, storage.

108) Simon Crosby: The Citrix Blog
The ultimate partisan for the Xen virtualization software, Crosby blogs about exactly one topic: Xen, its competitors, and its place in the market. Read him along with his chief competitor, VMware (see below), and you’ll have a sense of the current fisticuffs in the emerging virtualization market.

109) VMware Executive Blog
The folks at virtualization market leader VMware are just as single-minded as Crosby is – this blog celebrates the greatness of VMware just Crosby’s details the advantages of Xen. Read it along with Crosby’s and take both sides with a grain of salt.

110) IDC Exchange
Frank Gens, a senior VP with research firm IDC, has a keen understanding of a remarkable array of enterprise topics, backed up by IDC’s formidable research.

111) Forrester Blogs
A full portal of enterprise blogs from research firm Forrester: sourcing, vendors, applications, security, infrastructure – if it relates to the enterprise, Forrester covers it.

112) Gartner Blogs
Like the other top research firms, Gartner covers the full compendium of enterprise topics. Particularly noteworthy is its Communications Innovationsblog covering networking/telecommunications.

113) Yankee Group Blogs
The prestigious research firm blogs about the enterprise and also focuses on consumer tech.

114) Abbie Lundberg
The editor of holds forth about trends in enterprise management, often covering the role of social media. While you’re at it, peruse the other CIO blogs.

115) The Official Google Blog
This enterprise blog is largely a sales tool for Google products yet also links to the approximately 1.5 million other official Google company blogs, including ones dedicated to security, APIs, and AdSense keywords.

116) Center for Democracy and Technology
The CDT folks have real expertise in the strange intersection of law, technology, and policy. A good way to stay current with legislation regarding technology.

117) CenterNetworks
Focused on helping industry professionals stay current with emerging Internet trends, like Web. 2.0 and social networking.

Most Popular / Tech Publications / Security

Windows-Mac-Linux / Enterprise Tech / Tech Insiders

Consumer Tech-Gadgets / Programming / Wonderfully Geeky

Highly Recommended

Consumer Tech/Mobile/Gadgets/Gaming

Many of the biggest consumer tech/gadget blogs are in this list’s “Most popular” category – it’s a subject that draws a lot of eyeballs. But consumer tech is such a heavily covered area that the list continues on…

118) Walt Mossberg
When the Great One speaks, people listen: the Wall Street Journal’s personal tech expert is a heavyweight gadget reviewer.

119) Crave, the Gadget Blog
Many posts per day, written by a very tuned-in crew, about all the electronic gear you crave.

120) Ubergizmo
The very latest on high end, cutting edge gear, with enough photos to get you in the mood to open your wallet.

121) Daily Tech: Gadgets
News tidbits for gamers and gadget enthusiasts, with plenty of comments from the peanut gallery.

122) Mediabistro: MobileDevices/MobileApps
A constant stream of pointed news and commentary about the very latest in mobile devices.

123) Boy Genius Report
Exhaustively covers the rapidly growing world of mobile devices/cell phones/personal digital assistants.

124) GottaBeMobile
News plus short tutorials about cell phones/Net books and every other gadget we carry around with us.

125) Android Guys
All the details (and dirt) about Google’s efforts to push its Android mobile platform.

126) Computer Power User
As the title suggests, this is for dudes and dudettes who want to get under the hood and juice up their PC. Vroom!

127) Hacked Gadgets
Get out your screwdriver and soldering gun – and your imagination. We’re taking apart our toys! DIY!

128) Custom PC Blogs
Written by a crew of English tech aficionados who are experts on modding PCs.

129) USA Today Technology Live
Everything from 3D movies to Google Earth to high-tech washing machines. In classic USA Today style, the coverage is light ‘n breezy with plenty of upbeat graphics.

130) Laptop Magazine Blog
Written by a sizeable crew, offering some of the more informed commentary about notebooks and portables.

Definitely a place to visit before you buy your next portable.

132) PC World
The national magazine’s blogs covers both Windows and Apple, plus gear ranging from printers to spyware to cell phones.

133) PC Magazine
Giving PC World a run for its money, twin brother PC Magazine delves into every variety of consumer tech.

134) Wi-Fi Networking News
While other blogs dash off 3-4 sentence throwaways, Glenn Fleishmann writes thoughtful, article-length pieces. A good way to keep up with the constantly whirling world of Wi-Fi. Also check out Wi-Fi Planet.

135) Mark Kersey’s HDTV News Blogs
Kersey searches high and low for all the headlines, providing story summaries to keep you up on every last detail of high-def. He’s into it.

136)The Raw Feed
Big time tech pundit Mike Elgan explores technology’s effect on culture (and visa versa). A generous sprinkling of gizmos, gadgets and Web trends enlivens the mix.

137) Webware
Featuring commentary by tech veteran Rafe Needleman, Webware covers the rapidly growing sector of Web-based apps. Webware stays right on top of the very latest Web app news.

138) Kotaku, the Gamer’s Guide
Enough gaming news and trend analysis for even the most hardcore gamer. One of the most popular tech blogs on the Web.

139) Joystiq
Xbox 360, Wii, PS3 – if these acronyms stir your interest, you’re an ideal fan of Joystiq’s full-on gaming coverage.

140) Desctructoid
It’s a gamer’s delight: the Destructoid blog celebrates the fact that your PC is the ultimate platform for gaming, and much of the games call for death and destruction – cool!

141) Cool Tools
Not just another gadget blog, this cornucopia of interesting tech stuff – software, videos, maps, Web sites – is hosted by the venerable Kevin Kelly. He accepts submissions from readers and posts the best of them. He also runs a wide ranging tech blog portal.

142) CrunchGear
Gadgets, gear and computer hardware – an ultimate outpost for those obsessed with shiny toys.

143) TorrentFreak
The freshest news about the popular filesharing protocol. Essential reading for heavy P2P music-video downloaders.

144) The Gadget Blog
This blog never sleeps as it churns out news about cell phones, cameras, GPS units, and portables of every kind.

145) Digital Inspiration
India-based blogger Amit Agarwai writes prolifically about using personal tech for improved productivity and entertainment. He offers zillions of easy-to-use tutorials, like his hack for reading magazines online for free.

146) jkOn The Run
A geekier, more in-depth look at personal mobile technology. Founding editor James Kendrick has been using mobile devices “since they weighed 30 pounds.”

Most Popular / Tech Publications / Security

Windows-Mac-Linux / Enterprise Tech / Tech Insiders

Consumer Tech-Gadgets / Programming / Wonderfully Geeky

Highly Recommended


Blogs about the software development process, in many cases written by top programmers. (And if you’re looking for news, trends or tutorials, check out

147) Joel on Software
Probably the leading programming blog in the entire Web universe. Joel Spolsky is a New York-based software developer who covers not only software but larger issues in technology. Volunteers translate his posts into dozens of languages for his international audience.

148) Channel 9
Hosted by Microsoft, this is Redmond’s gathering spot for the vast network of Microsoft developers. A very busy place, with constant trading of ideas and techniques.

149) Coding Horror
Jeff Atwood has been a programmer for years and years; this experience plus his awareness of the human side of technology makes his blog a top destination.

150) DZone
Using a blog-style platform, with posts and comments from the full development community. A lively, always-fresh collective conversation.

151) Vacuous Virtuoso
Javascript, Mac issues, Web design, raps about the iPhone SDK: author Ankur Kothari can claim uber-geek status.

152) John Lam on Software
Lam is a Microsoftie whose many posts covers Ruby, Dynamic Language Runtime, Silverlight and, of course, Windows-based development.

153) Jeremy Zawodny
Zawodny, once Yahoo’s MySQL guru and now a staffer at Craigslist, blogs about development, Perl, his pancake maker, his various trips, and assorted other tech topics. Smart stuff.

154) GirlDeveloper
The irrepressible Sara Chipps is an ASP/NET/C#/SQL developer who holds forth on life in the trenches with a distinctly feminine bent. As she explains: “All marriage proposals must be accompanied by previous year’s W2.”

155) Jeremy D. Miller – The Shade Tree Developer
A .NET developer and software architect, Miller writes about life as a programmer and the development process. Part of the popular Codebetter blog portal.

156) Scott Hanselman’s
His tool list is considered a great resource, and his postings are read by some 20k + subscribers.

157) Phil Haack: You’ve Been Hacked
Consider his career a sign of the times: by day, he’s a senior project manager at Microsoft, and by night he leads the Subtext Project, an open source blog engine. His posts go deep into the minutiae of coding.

158) Jon Udell: Strategies for Internet Citizens
A developer and IT architect, Udell was instrumental in laying the groundwork for today’s social software. He talks with a lot of interesting people and does a lot of in-depth analysis.

159) The Database Programmer
Kenneth Downs has been programming databases since the early ‘90s, which is reflected in his incredibly detailed blog posts on the topic.

160) The Social Programmer
Some complex geek coding stuff mixed in with thoughtful observations about life as a developer.

161) James Gosling
A bigwig at Sun Microsystems and a well-respected figure in the tech community, Gosling writes about Java and the software business, with some interesting philosophizing along the way.

162) Dave Thomas – Pragmatic Programmer
Thomas has authored books on programming (“Programming Ruby,” “Agile Web Development with Rails”) and blogs as an expert coder.

163) Software by Rob
Rob Walling is both a .NET developer and an entrepreneur whose posts range far and wide about development and the software industry. His popular posts include Self-Marketing for Software Devleopers and Nine Things Developers Want More Than Money.

164) Dirk Riehle: Software Research and the Industry
Riehle is leader of the open source research group at SAP Labs in Palo Alto. He covers the intersection of open source development and the enterprise, among other topics.

165) Kevin Pang – ASP.NET, ALT.NET
With posts like Metrosexual Developers and Top 10 Things that Annoy Programmers, Kevin Pang knows how to have a good time.

Most Popular / Tech Publications / Security

Windows-Mac-Linux / Enterprise Tech / Tech Insiders

Consumer Tech-Gadgets / Programming / Wonderfully Geeky

Highly Recommended

Wonderfully Geeky

Blogs unafraid to get into the nitty gritty, the bits and the bytes of technology. Plus all the top tech blogs that don’t fit into a clear category.

166) Free Download a Day
Uses a blog to offer one free download a day, whether you need it or not.

167) Daniel Eran Dilger’ Roughly Drafted
The prolific Dilger’s posts tend to focus on Apple, though he travels far afield to an array of tech topics.

168) Grand Stream Dreams
Claus Valco is a Windows sysadmins and project manager who often writes about browser-based issues. He also scours the Net for interesting tech links and posts them regularly.

169) Joho the Blog
David Weinberger is a well-respected tech thinker and co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto, a set of ideas for leveraging the Web-based marketplace. His blog veers from technology to politics to anything else that trips the light fantastic.

170) Joi Ito’s Web
Ito, a vice president at Technorati and an open source advocate, really gets around. Along with tech rants, his chronicles include anything from John Perry Barlow to the Dali Lama.

171) Ask Dave Taylor: Tech Support
How do I get my friends a free copy of my iPhone app? How do online affiliate programs work? Any many more straight-to-the-point tutorials about style sheets, HTML, Windows, Mac…

172) Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik
Author of the popular book Web Analytics: An Hour a Day, Kaushik not only knows his stuff, he puts out with charm and generosity. One of the ultimate SEO experts.

173) Charlene Li
Until recently, Li was a Forrester analyst – always one whose pronouncements on tech were considered important. She co-wrote (with Forrester analyst Josh Bernoff) the well regarded book “Groundswell: Winning In A World Transformed By Social Technologies”.Now she’s off on her own, yet still blogs as a thought leader on emerging technologies.

174) Larry Magid’s
Longtime tech columnist Larry Magid blogs about life online, hackers, and the tech business. His posts are full, carefully crafted articles.

175) David Strom’s Web Informant
Having written for most every IT publication in existence, Strom offers his deep tech expertise on networking, security, virtualization, software, wireless, and more.

176) Jon Gordon’s Future Tense
The tech expert from public radio takes on topics like spam, electronic privacy, and the effect of the Internet on democracy.

177) Paul StamatiouA student at Georgia Tech, Paul Stamatiou offers advice on all things techie. Learn, for example, how to live life on the cloud and how to pick the best laptop bag, among other geeky things.

There’s a whole lot going on here, with software/DRM/personal tech posts commented on by a large readership. Many posts per day on gaming, Windows, PC chips, Google, YouTube, etc.

179) Geek Culture
Sure, the blog’s fine, but most noteworthy is its Joy of Tech comic strip, one of the most pointed and best drawn tech-related strips on the Net.

180) Geek and Poke
Talented comic creator Oliver Widder, an IT guy living in Hamburg, Germany, draws and writes comics that actually make technology funny. Updated often.

181) RIFD Weblog
A smartly penned blog about the niche topic of radio frequency identification technology (RFID). Plus: plenty of background and archival info about RFID.

182) Hard/OCP
A trove of PC and notebook hardware news, with the latest on processor chips and gaming, posted along with analysis of IT headlines.

183) CyberJournalist Blog-Scan
This is what happens when journalists are allowed to get Internet connections: they obsessively cover all aspects of Internet life. A top site for media-related technology news.

184) Z Trek: The Alan Zeichick Weblog
IT, software development, security, and networking, with a touch of humor from the Bay Area consultant-editor.

185) CinemaTech
Informed commentary about the intersection of movies, entertainment and technology, written by longtime tech chronicler Scott Kirsner.

186) ProBlogger Blog Tips
Darren Rowse maintains a sprawling always-active hub site for blogging education, crammed full of resources to help you build traffic. Possibly the best blogging advice spot on the Web.

An interesting and idiosyncratic voice, Kottke is deeply involved in advanced trends in technology. You never know what topic he’ll skewer next.

188) Stephen O’Grady’s Tecosystems
The co-founder of tech analyst firm Redmonk, O’Grady mixes personal insight with software-tech analysis. He also offers collections of current links about what’s hot in tech news/commentary.

Most Popular / Tech Publications / Security

Windows-Mac-Linux / Enterprise Tech / Tech Insiders

Consumer Tech-Gadgets / Programming / Wonderfully Geeky

Highly Recommended

Highly Recommended

Some of the most well-written and thought provoking technology blogs.

189) Nicholas Carr
A serious smart guy/deep thinker and tremendous writer who riled tech vendors with his “Does IT Matter?” thesis. More recently he’s the author of “The Big Switch,” suggesting that all computing will be done over the cloud. His Atlantic magazine piece Is Google Making Us Stupid?(the answer: yes) prompted copious blogging among the chattering classes.

190) Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail
The Wired editor, whose theory of the Long Tail proved so influential about how we see the Internet, writes with great insight into the influence of technology on culture.

191) Chris Pirillo
Not only a blog, but a full portal of blog posts – all penned by Prillo. Host of the uber-geek conference Gnomedex, and the founder of the tech portal Lockergnome, the peripatetic Pirillo blogs about everythingtech-related: the LEGO spacecraft he just built; his GPS gear; your mobile phone’s battery; the addictive quality of bubble wrap. Trippy, but interesting.

192) Paid Content
Rafat Ali and his crew are very on top of the business of digital content. As the Internet shapes every form of media – TV, the news, advertising – Paid Content blogs about it incessantly in real time.

193) Beyond VC
A venture capitalist who chronicles venture funding, Ed Sims is the managing director of Dawntreader Ventures, which invests in an extensive portfolio of emerging tech firms. Reading his posts is like being a fly on the wall as key funding decisions are brokered.

194) John Battelle’s Searchblog
Ultimate insider John Battelle comments – constantly – on the intersection of search, media and technology. He’s the author of the noted book The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture.

195) Doc Searls Weblog
Senior editor of Linux Journal, head of ProjectVRM (vendor relationship management) at Harvard, co-author of the Cluetrain Manifestro, and all around major voice in the tech world, Searls ruminates on an unpredictable array of tech topics, as well as many topics from beyond tech.

196) Shtetl-Optimized: The Blog of Scottt Aaronson
An Einsteinian quirky-brilliant genius, and an assistant professor at MIT, Aaronson is known for his Complexity Zoo (simply groking the Zoo concept requires upper-level smartness). His conversational blog ranges from posts like Nerdify the World, and Women will Follow to Scott A., disbeliever in Darwinism. Highly entertaining.

197) Real Dan Lyons Web Site Blog
A technology columnist for Newsweek, Lyons penned the satire blog The Secret Life of Steve Jobs. While the Jobs parody is now retired, Lyons’s current blog (which still sometimes skewers Jobs) is bright and funny.

198) Steve Rubel’s Micro Persuasion
A card-carrying member of the public relations cognoscenti, (he’s a senior VP at Edelman Digital) Rubel analyzes the intersection of technology and media with great awareness and a readable tone. I saw him speak at Mediabistro Circusand he has a knack for making complex ideas clear.

199) Slashdot
Is Slashdot a blog? Well, kind of. Given that submissions come from thousands of users and are moderated by a small team of editors, it’s more like a marriage between a blog and a social networking site. That issue aside, this geekier-than-thou, constantly churning meta-blog is an irreverent center of the online tech world.

200) SearchEngineLand
Two words: Danny Sullivan. The Maestro of Search is the editor-in-chief of this massively trafficked blog about all things search, from SEO to search engine marketing. And if you’re researching SEO, here’s a list of the Top 20 SEO blogs.

201) Pogue’s Posts
The entire personal technology industry looks here for guidance about the iPhone, email, camcorders and much more. There are very few tech pundits who are as brilliant yet plain-spoken as David Pogue, the New York Timesgadget guy.

202) Google Blogoscoped
Everything you’d want to know about the search giant that rules the world (or at least everything that’s publicly knowable). Author Philipp Lenssen scored major points by breaking the news about the release of Google Chrome.

James Maguire is the managing editor of Datamation.

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