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Top 200 Tech Blogs: The Datamation 2009 List

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Is the list of top tech blogs settling into a sort of established universe?

Odd, but apparently true. I noticed a pronounced maturation as I created Datamation’s third annual list of top tech blogs. The tech blogger is less the buzzy upstart, more the established veteran voice. A slowing torrent of new voices is shouting, Hey, I’ve Got a New Blog!Instead, a cohort of longtime bloggers now command a discriminating audience.

But tech blogging has been a whipping boy of late. “Blogging feels old,” wrote Steve Rubel, an A-list blogger who has shifted to what he calls a “Lifestream” – the holy trinity of Facebook, Twitter and Friendfeed.

And if you believe the media hype, newcomer Twitter drove bloggers from relevance like an aggressive mosquito that chased off a papa elephant. Take that, Techcrunch!

Worse, hopes for easy dollars – blogging poolside, sipping Red Bull – have evaporated. Dan Lyons, the blogger behind the wildly popular (but now defunct) The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, conceded that he earned little more than cat chow. Fantasies of blogging wealth have gone the way of Florida real estate.

Still, tech blogging is very much alive. Better than ever, actually. Now in 2009 blogs have earned an important place in technology coverage. They’re an ever-maturing source of insider voices and uncensored opinion. Compared with the big publications, they’re more direct, less constrained by budget (and journalistic standards), faster and more agile.

Just as the National Enquirer revealed presidential candidate John Edwards’s romantic dalliance while mainstream media ignored it, Gizmodoposted photos of a purported Microsoft tablet, the “Apple killer.” Sure, the report remains unverified. But subsequent news suggests there’s fire behind all that smoke. And don’t we want some conjecture with our coffee talk?

Okay, so tech blogs are essential reading, but whichtech blogs?

To find the top options, you might peruse CNET’s list of Tech Blogs. But it’s sorely out of date – Declan McCullagh hasn’t done Politech since 2008 (he’s with CBS now). Or you might persuse Technorati’s Technology Blogs. But it’s auto-generated based on a popularity algorithm. That’s like focusing on Paris Hilton because she got a lot of headlines.

Only the DatamationTop Tech Blog list is carefully created by a human tech editor (that’s me), based on actually visiting each blog. In short, if you’re using any other list you’re accepting a paltry substitute.

So with no further pompous self-congratulatory palaver, here’s the 200 Top Tech Blogs – the 2009 Datamation List. Check out the full list or jump right to the category you like:

Most Popular Tech Blogs // Major Media Tech Blogs // Enterprise Tech Blogs

Consumer Tech-Gadgets Blogs // Developers’ Blogs // Tech Insiders’ Blogs

Security Blogs // Windows-Mac-Linux Blogs // Wonderfully Geeky Blogs

Highly Recommended Tech Blogs

Most Popular Tech Blogs: Ginormously Popular

Getting spotlighted on one of these popular and well established tech blogs can greatly improve (or ravage) your reputation.

1) TechCrunch
A good place for real time tech news of every flavor, from life on the Web to software biz trends to corporate IT. Helmed by tech glitterati Michael Arrington and Erick Schonfeld, who are serious insider guys. Check out their recent brouhaha about David Pogue: Losing Its Religion: The New York Times and Compromises

2) Gizmodo
Web surfers love tech gadgets and Gizmodo covers the shiny toys as passionately as anyone: shoe spy cameras, iPhones, netbooks, designer mousetraps. Gizmodo reports on geeky gear – incessantly.

3) Engadget
Competes in the tech gadget sector with Gizmodo, though perhaps a tad more sophisticated than Gizmodo. Cameras, netbooks, flat screens, multimedia tablets, and much more.

4) Mashable
Explores the ever expanding world of social media, from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn, with plenty of hands-on advice and trend analysis. For instance, 5 Rules for Better Web Writing and Flickr Officially Comes to the iPhone.

5) GigaOM
An early heavyweight in tech blogging, GigaOM – overseen by blogging mogul Om Malik – has expanded to cover just about every flavor of tech, with an emphasis on Web news, broadband, cloud computing and VC funding, among other specialties.

6) ReadWriteWeb
Covers Web trends and issues like online video, Facebook security, blogging, and RSS aggregators. Founded and edited by New Zealander Richard MacManus. An interesting twist: the blog now features ReadWriteTalk, which you can listen to with your browser or mobile device. That’s pretty cool.

7) Lifehacker
In theory, technology makes our lives easier and more efficient, and Lifehacker shows how: improved to-do lists, advice on managing your recipes, tips on new software and gadgets. Learn how to keep hanging files from bulging with a safety pin. How knew? Edited by Adam Pash.

8) Seth Godin’s Blog
A veritable idea machine, Godin touches upon tech and Web trends as he journeys widely across media, advertising and marketing, productivity, and life lessons gleaned from his personal experience.

9) Boing Boing
The idiosyncratic compendium that is Boing Boing seems to be less wacky than in years past. Instead of clown cigarette umbrellas we get YouTube videos of Al Franken drawing a map of the US, freehand. Then again, this self-described “Dictionary of Wonderful Things” is so constantly and eclectically refreshed one never knows what might turn up. Starring Cory Doctorowand Xeni Jardin, among others.

10) Silicon Alley Insider
The business of the Internet, media, advertising, the chattering class, the deals, and where the bodies are hidden. Edited by Dan Frommer with assistance from (among others) Nicholas Carlson.

11) Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)
Could the iPod Touch upgrade be delayed? How much does the average iPhone user spend on Apps? ($80, but the number is unverified.) TUAW is now part of the AOL Tech Network, which includes Switched (consumer tech), Engadget (wacky tech) and Download Squad. (software news)

12) Valleywag
Call it the tech world’s equivalent of TMZ: gossip, rumor, stray bits of news, occasional bits of pure fantasy. (Published Gawker Media, as are two other entries on this list, Gizmodo and LifeHacker,)

13) Techdirt
Smart, well written coverage, traveling across media, IT, and consumer tech. Does more with legal issues than most tech blogs. Founded and edited by Mike Masnick, Techdirt posts reader submissions.

Most Popular Tech Blogs // Major Media Tech Blogs // Enterprise Tech Blogs

Consumer Tech-Gadgets Blogs // Developers’ Blogs // Tech Insiders’ Blogs

Security Blogs // Windows-Mac-Linux Blogs // Wonderfully Geeky Blogs

Highly Recommended Tech Blogs

Most Popular Tech Blogs // Major Media Tech Blogs // Enterprise Tech Blogs

Consumer Tech-Gadgets Blogs // Developers’ Blogs // Tech Insiders’ Blogs

Security Blogs // Windows-Mac-Linux Blogs // Wonderfully Geeky Blogs

Highly Recommended Tech Blogs

Tech Blogs from Major Publications

Tech blogs from major publications tend to have far greater resources than those written by individuals.

15) ZDNet Blogs
A superlative collection of tech pundits, including famed Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley, the controversial insight of Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, IT iconoclast Jason Perlow, and the industry-leading musings of Larry Dignan and crew.

16) Internetnews Blogs
Insightful, savvy analysis by a top crew of veteran writers and reporters, commenting on software, hardware, mobile, security, PCs and more. Among other must-reads, check out Andy Patrizio from Silicon Valley, Sean Michael Kerner on the Linux/enterprise beat and Kenneth Corbin on technology and government. Oh, and don’t miss the Datamation blog. (Full disclosure: Published by the same company that publishes the site you’re reading.)

17) InformationWeek Blogs
Few tech publications can match the deep resources of Information Week. Panoramic coverage of IT and consumer technology, aided by piquant analysis from Alexander Wolfe (software and advanced tech of all kinds), Serdar Yegulalp (Linux and open source), Paul McDougall (major tech trends) and David Berlind(software, emerging tech).

18) NetworkWorld
An in-depth focus on enterprise technology, security, LANs & WANs, network management, wireless and more. Take a gander at the always interesting Paul McNamara, who holds forth on the odd and amusing.

19) Wired’s Blogs
An extensive line-up of niche tech blogs, like This Day in Tech, Game/Life, Wired Science, and Geek Dad. Rumor has it that the US government officials even read Danger Room, which covers the tech of national security. The Wired blogs are some of the Internet’s most influential.

20) Ars Technica
Details all flavors of tech – personal, enterprise, telecom, Web-related – all together on one page. Owned by Conde Nast, the same group that publishes Wired, Vanity Fair, the New Yorker and other big time glossies.

21) New York Times: Technology – Bits
Top writing and reporting about both consumer and enterprise tech, with a tendency to avoid some of the overheated rumors promoted by other blogs.

22) Wall Street Journal – Digits
Written by a formidable 18-member staff, the Journal’s tech blog covers the full mix: consumer, enterprise, tech deals, personnel changes, Internet, media, telecom. Also look at the WSJ’s spinoff tech and media site, All Things Digital– it’s a lively, up-to-the-minute offering.

23) O’Reilly Radar
The O’Reilly team churns out intelligent tech analysis, offering material you won’t find elsewhere. The focus is on an interesting collection of links.

24) eWeek Blogs
From IT jobs to security to platforms – there’s commentary about it at the eWeek blog portal. Keep your eye on Google Watcher Clint Boulton and Microsoft follower Nicholas Kolakowski.

25) CIO Magazine
CIO does an excellent job of covering the important trends for Chief Information Officers.

26) CNET Blogs
You want it, tech heavyweight CNET has a blog about it: Apple, social media, the enterprise, browsers, cameras, security. They even have a blog about car technology. Not enough? How about one about kitchen tech? Yes, they really have a blog about the technology of blenders and multicookers. I know you can’t top that.

27) The Guardian’s Tech Blog
Bright, smartly penned blather with an English accent, focusing on social media, consumer tech and offbeat trends.

28) InfoWorld
Discussion of key technology for business: virtualization, sustainable IT, databases, cloud computing, security. Tends to avoid the bright and shiny world of consumer tech.

29) TechRepublic Blogs
Covers the enterprise IT world: servers, security, tech staffing, virtualization, software as a service, and consultancies. “For IT professionals, by IT professionals.”

30) Computerworld: Opinion/Blogs
Pundits that have been around long enough to know the wheat from the chaff, like Windows guru Preston Gralla and Linux expert Steven J. Vaughn-Nichols.

31) USA Today Technology Live
Everything from PC security to Google Docs to high-tech Facebook. In classic USA Today style, the coverage is fast and breezy with plenty of graphics (although no pie charts, which USA Today is famous for…).

32) Dwight Silverman: TechBlog
The Houston Chronicle’sDwight Silverman is still at it, continuing to earn a spot in the blogrolls of top bloggers with his incisive commentary on consumer technology. He’s into it.

33) Alltop / Guy Kawasaki
No, not really a major publication, more like an industrious new media start-up: The brainchild of self-promotional wizard Guy Kawasaki – here’s his blog– Alltop is a portal of blogs that links to just about any tech topic you can think of.

34) Financial Times Tech Blog
One of the Continent’s great newspapers presents a mixed bag, from reviews of the video Nano to the state of electronic paper. The FT has the resources to offer intelligent coverage of things like Google China chief’s next move.

35) Technology Review’s Blogs
Published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this is some very heady stuff: genomics, physics-based animation, biofuels, genetics, spacecraft. Are you smart enough to be reading this?

Most Popular Tech Blogs // Major Media Tech Blogs // Enterprise Tech Blogs

Consumer Tech-Gadgets Blogs // Developers’ Blogs // Tech Insiders’ Blogs

Security Blogs // Windows-Mac-Linux Blogs // Wonderfully Geeky Blogs

Highly Recommended Tech Blogs

Most Popular Tech Blogs // Major Media Tech Blogs // Enterprise Tech Blogs

Consumer Tech-Gadgets Blogs // Developers’ Blogs // Tech Insiders’ Blogs

Security Blogs // Windows-Mac-Linux Blogs // Wonderfully Geeky Blogs

Highly Recommended Tech Blogs

Enterprise Tech Blogs

Big bucks, big expertise: The sophisticated IT tools and strategies that companies use to gain competitive advantage in a global marketplace.

36) IDC Exchange
An excellent source of IT macro-trend analysis, with much focus on cloud computing. Frank Gens, a senior VP with research firm IDC, has a keen understanding of a remarkable array of enterprise topics, backed up by IDC’s formidable research.

37) Forrester Blogs
A wide portal of enterprise blogs from research firm Forrester: enterprise architecture, consumer markets, sourcing, vendors, applications, security and risk, infrastructure, and more; Forrester covers it all with intelligent detail.

38) Gartner Blogs
Like the other top research firms, Gartner covers the full compendium of enterprise topics. Particularly noteworthy are David Smith on cloud computing (and sundry topics) and Scott Nelsonon social media.

39) Yankee Group Blogs
The well-known research firm analyzes enterprise trends and also delves into consumer tech topics. I’ve always enjoyed Zeus Kerravala’stake on IT trends.

40) Simon Crosby: The Citrix Blog
Crosby, CTO of Citrix’s Data Center and Cloud Division, is a fierce partisan for the Xen virtualization software. He’s also a canny and witty analyst of cloud computing and the larger tech landscape.

41) VMware Executive Blog
The VMware execs who pen this blog are just as single-minded as Crosby is – this blog celebrates the greatness of VMware just Crosby’s details the advantages of Xen. Read it along with Crosby’s and take both sides with a grain of salt.

42) Enterprise Irregulars
A mixed group of industry pros covering all sectors of enterprise tech: cloud computing, CRM, on-demand, Windows 7, big vendors, and more.

43) Phil Wainewright: Software as Services
Phil Wainewright stays on top of all the twists and turns in the emerging word of Software as a Service and cloud computing.

44) IT Toolbox
A community of IT professionals offering insight into the full range of enterprise tech issues. Includes knowledge observers like Dana Gardner.

45) Simon Phipp’s “WebMink in the Sun”
Few bloggers are as consistent and as commited to their blog as Sun Microsystem’s chief open source officer Simon Phipp. He’s an interesting fellow, UK-based and highly literate. Great collection of links and analysis about the software/tech business.

46) IT Conversations
Podcasts by experts, laid out blog-style, about cornucopia of IT topics: Web 2.0, emerging technology, tech finance, development and a whole lot more.

47) Service Architecture – SOA
Steve Jones is a working professional in the SOA field, and his posts – sometimes quite technical – reflect the many changing trends in Service Oriented Architecture.

48) FASTForward Enterprise 2.0
Sponsored by Microsoft but far more than an ad for the software giant. Takes a look at where enterprise technology is headed in the view of a hefty staff of industry experts.

49) Business of Software
On the light side, with a chatty tone. Perspectives on the commercial and technical aspects of software by Neil Davidson, the joint CEO of Red Gate Software and organizer of the Business of Software conference. For instance, Start a software company or work in a bar?

50) SaaS blog
Hosted by Apprenda, a SaaS vendor, but this multi-author blog offers far more trend and tech analysis than a mere self-promotional outlet.

51) HP Community Blogs
Sure, there are commercials for HP embedded in this blog, but there’s also intelligent comment on all manner of enterprise tech issues, from Unix to blade servers to office printing. (Yeah, I guess it’s no surprise than an HP blog would cover office printing.)

52) Intelligent Enterprise
This is a good one. Informed commentary on large enterprise BI (business intelligence) issues, data warehousing, big vendors like SAP and Oracle, and other essential topics for IT managers.

53) SeekingAlpha: Sectors
Seeking Alpha focuses on the financial markets, and this page displays its blog sub-portals dedicated to the financial outlook of tech sectors, including software, media, semis, hardware, networking, the Internet, gadgets, and telecom.

54) Chief Architect
Led by Alan Inglis, Solutions Director at Cognizant, Chief Architect offers copious links and detailed thoughts on the complex business of enterprise architecture and IT management.

55) EMC: Chuck’s Blog
EMC VP Chuck Hollis is a rare bird: an upper level tech business exec who blogs passionately and extensively, not merely as a promotional tool. More than 500 posts at last count, about IT and business, written conversationally and knowledgeably. Plus: you can listen to his posts and download them to your MP3 player.

56) Abbie Lundberg
The former longtime editor-in-chief of, now on her own at the helm of consultancy Lundberg Media, blogs about IT trends and business leadership.

57) The Official Google Blog
Largely a promotional tool for the Company That’s Taking Over the Planet, this blog also links to the approximately 1.5 million other official Google company blogs, including security, APIs, and AdSense keywords.

58) Center for Democracy and Technology
Covers the ever-churning confluence of law, technology, and policy with a left of center bent. The CDT analysts stay current with legislation that affects technology.

59) CenterNetworks
Explores what it calls the “new” Internet: social networking, Web 2.0, and social media. Plenty of analysis of tech business news/acquisitions/mergers.

Most Popular Tech Blogs // Major Media Tech Blogs // Enterprise Tech Blogs

Consumer Tech-Gadgets Blogs // Developers’ Blogs // Tech Insiders’ Blogs

Security Blogs // Windows-Mac-Linux Blogs // Wonderfully Geeky Blogs

Highly Recommended Tech Blogs

Most Popular Tech Blogs // Major Media Tech Blogs // Enterprise Tech Blogs

Consumer Tech-Gadgets Blogs // Developers’ Blogs // Tech Insiders’ Blogs

Security Blogs // Windows-Mac-Linux Blogs // Wonderfully Geeky Blogs

Highly Recommended Tech Blogs

Consumer Tech Blogs: Mobile/Gadgets/Gaming

If you’re looking for consumer tech/gadget blogs, you’ll find some of the biggest ones in this list’s Most Popularcategory. But consumer tech is such a heavily covered area that the list continues below:

60) Crave, the Gadget Blog
Details about the whirlygig tech toys you crave so much, including games and assorted weird stuff (like USB hand warmers – you need a pair, right?). Published by CNET.

61) Walt Mossberg
When the Great One speaks, people listen: the Wall Street Journal’s personal tech expert is a heavyweight gadget/personal software reviewer.

62) Ubergizmo
Focusing on offbeat, cutting edge stuff, the kind of personal tech gear you buy when you’re an early adopter. Cool photos.

63) Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools
Hosted by the venerable Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Wired Magazine. Not just another gadget blog, this is a thoughtful cornucopia of interesting tech stuff: software, videos, maps, Web sites. He accepts submissions from readers and posts the best of them. It’s part of his wide ranging tech blog portal.

64) Boy Genius Report
Founded by a former writer for Engadget, this covers the rapidly growing world of mobile devices/cell phones/personal digital assistants.

65) Laptop Magazine Blog
A lot of good, knowledgeable coverage of netbooks and laptaps and the software that runs them, penned by a sizeable crew. They’re into it.

Product news, prices, buying tips. Definitely a place to visit before you invest in your next portable.

67) Daily Tech: Gadgets
A lot of product news with prices and fresh releases. The full range of consumer tech, from the iPhone to Windows Home Server.

68) GottaBeMobile
Tablet PC, netbook, mobile PC, and Multi-Touch tidbits and analysis. Also includes editorials, like “The Autumn of OS Upgrades” and “Why I’ll Pass on the Apple Tablet.”

69) The Raw Feed
Tech pundit Mike Elgan, a Datamation columnist, provides a fast take on technology’s effect on culture (and visa versa). A lively mix of gizmos, gadgets and Web trends.

70) Android Guys
In theory, Google’s Android mobile platform is going to be a very, very big deal. The AndroidGuys chronicle its every new release and development trend.

71) Computer Power User
As the title suggests, this is for dudes and dudettes who want to get under the hood and juice up their PC. A sample: “How’d you like a motherboard that combines a P45 chipset and a socket for your favorite Socket 775 CPU *and* and an Ion subsystem?” Vroom!

72) Hacked Gadgets
Who says you’re stuck with what the manufacturer sells you? Get out your screwdriver and soldering gun – and your imagination. We’re hacking our toys! DIY!

73) Bit Tech Blog
They’re young, they’re British, they’re all guys, and they love gaming, software, modifying their PCs, and all sorts of other techie stuff. Quite right.

74) PC World
The national magazine’s blogs cover Windows, Mac, printers, spyware, cell phones, and more, with some pithy opinion thrown in.

75) PC Magazine
Giving PC World a run for its money, twin brother PC Magazine delves into every variety of consumer tech, and also provides a dose of business tech analysis.

76) Wi-Fi Networking News
Glenn Fleishmann goes deep. While other blogs dash off 3-4 sentence throwaways, Fleishmann writes thoughtful, sometimes article-length pieces about the constantly whirling world of Wi-Fi. Also check out Wi-Fi Planet.

77) Mediabistro: MobileDevices/MobileApps
Reports on fresh apps for your handheld – yup, this is a growth sector. Plus, hardware, media and entertainment links and business news for the mobile/cell world.

78) Webware
Featuring commentary by tech veteran Rafe Needleman, Webware covers the rapidly growing sector of Web-based apps. Webware stays right on top of the very latest Web app news.

79) TorrentFreak
The freshest scoop about BitTorrent, the internationally popular filesharing protocol. Essential reading for those following the P2P world.

80) Kotaku, the Gamer’s Guide
A massively popular blog. Churns out enough gaming news and trend analysis for even the most hardcore gamer.

81) Joystiq
Clearly one of the top gaming blogs. Updated minute by minute. Produced by AOL Games, hence the blog’s budget and level of professionalism.

82) Desctructoid
Visually attractive, Destructoid offers an exhaustive supply of gaming news and opinion. Tons of reviews and previews.

83) jkOn The Run
A detailed link-rich report on current personal mobile technology. Founding editor James Kendrick has been using mobile devices “since they weighed 30 pounds.” Part of the GigaOm Network.

84) CrunchGear
A sub-blog of the sprawling TechCrunch blog empire. Gadgets, gear and computer hardware – an ultimate outpost for those obsessed with pretty toys.

85) Digital Inspiration
India-based blogger Amit Agarwai writes prolifically about using personal tech for improved productivity and entertainment. He offers copious easy-to-use tutorials, like his hack for reading magazines online for free. A highly popular blog.

Most Popular Tech Blogs // Major Media Tech Blogs // Enterprise Tech Blogs

Consumer Tech-Gadgets Blogs // Developers’ Blogs // Tech Insiders’ Blogs

Security Blogs // Windows-Mac-Linux Blogs // Wonderfully Geeky Blogs

Highly Recommended Tech Blogs

Most Popular Tech Blogs // Major Media Tech Blogs // Enterprise Tech Blogs

Consumer Tech-Gadgets Blogs // Developers’ Blogs // Tech Insiders’ Blogs

Security Blogs // Windows-Mac-Linux Blogs // Wonderfully Geeky Blogs

Highly Recommended Tech Blogs

Developers’ Blogs

Blogs about the software development process, in many cases written by top programmers. (And if you’re looking for news, trends or tutorials, check out

86) Scott Hanselman’s
A Microsoft staffer, Hanselman is a popular blogger whose tool list is considered a great resource. For instance, 2009 Ultimate Developer and Power Tool List for Windows Users.

87) Coding Horror
A veteran programmer, Jeff Atwood travels far afield across development and larger context tech issues. A great blog.

88) Joel on Software
Among developers’s blogs, Spolsky’s is a clear leader. A New York-based software developer who covers not only software but larger issues in technology, Spolsky is an excellent writer. Volunteers translate his posts into dozens of languages for his international audience.

89) Lambda the Ultimate
Focuses on programming languages and programming language research. Written by a full crew, this is heavy duty technical stuff.

90) Bokardo – Social Design by Joshua Porter
Interface design for the social Web – the Facebooks and Twitters of the world, but the idea is much larger – calls for its own expertise. That’s the bailiwick of Joshua Porter, who’s been at it for ten years.

91) UIE Brain Sparks
UIE – or “User Interface Engineering,” but you knew that – focuses Web site and product usability. It’s not enough to code it, the non-tech user has to be able to use it. Founder Jared Spool is the author of Web Usability: A Designer’s Guide.

92) DZone
Okay, this isn’t exactly a blog, it’s a social media site, sort a mega-blog created by legions of developers. Zillions of links to what’s happening now and plenty of spirited conversation.

93) Dr. Dobb’s Codetalk
Is there a development related topic not addressed by the crowd at Codetalk? Looks like they’re got it covered. Or you can go right to the Guru page.

94) Martin Fowler’s Bliki
Fowler specializes in enterprise software design and has written – count ‘em – five books on software development. Here’s his self-description: “I’ve been a pioneer of object-oriented technology, refactoring, patterns, agile methodologies, domain modeling, the Unified Modeling Language (UML), and Extreme Programming.” A well-respected blog.

95) Vacuous Virtuoso
Not a wordy blog, yet knowledgeable. A lot about Quicksilver, Mac issues, Web design, raps about the iPhone SDK: author Ankur Kothari can claim uber-geek status.

96) Jeremy Zawodny
Zawodny, once Yahoo’s MySQL guru and now a staffer at Craigslist, blogs about development, Perl, his aviation hobby, and assorted other tech topics. Smart stuff.

97) CodeBetter
Takes a mixed approach: it kooks at coding at the molecular level, down at the line-by-line level, but also offers some top level philosophical discussion. Posts by a small crowd of experts.

98) Microsoft’s Channel 9
This is Microsoft’s gathering spot for the vast network of Microsoft developers. Constant posting and constant discussion.

99) Jeremy D. Miller – The Shade Tree Developer
Some good, thoughtful writing: Miller, a .NET developer and software architect, discusses life as a programmer and the development process. Part of the popular Codebetter blog portal.

100) Craig Murphy: The Social Programmer
Based in Europe, Murphy offers complex geek coding stuff mixed in with thoughtful observations about development, with a handful of job listings in the mix.

101) Phil Haack: You’ve Been Hacked
A well-rounded developer, to be sure: by day, he’s a senior project manager at Microsoft, by night he leads the Subtext Project, an open source blog engine. At times he exhibits a wry sense of humor.

102) Jon Udell: Strategies for Internet Citizens
A developer and IT architect, Udell helped lay the groundwork for today’s social collaboration software. He’s currently working on a community information hub that runs in Microsoft’s Azure cloud.

103) James Gosling
The CTO of Sun’s Client Software Group and a well-respected figure in the tech community, Gosling writes about Java and the software business, with some interesting philosophizing about the larger world along the way.

104) Dave Thomas – Pragmatic Programmer
Thomas has authored books on programming (“Programming Ruby,” “Agile Web Development with Rails”) and blogs as an expert coder. Take a listen to his music he posts; some pretty stuff.

105) The Human Side of Software Development / Software by Rob
A developer and an entrepreneur, Rob Walling writes clearly and conversationally about starting your own small software business, or what he calls “becoming a micropreneur.” His popular posts include Expenses You Don’t Think of When Starting a Business and 8 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Programming Career and Self-Marketing for Software Devleopers.

106) GirlDeveloper
The irrepressible Sara Chipps is an ASP/NET/C#/SQL developer who philosophizes about the coding life with an upbeat, distinctly feminine bent. As she explains: “All marriage proposals must be accompanied by previous year’s W2.”

107) Dirk Riehle: Software Research and the Industry
Once leader of the open source research group at SAP Labs in Palo Alto, Riehle is Professor for Open Source Software at the University of Erlangen in Germany. He takes a thoughtful, intellectual approach to topics like Why Open Source is Hard for Closed Source Vendors.

Most Popular Tech Blogs // Major Media Tech Blogs // Enterprise Tech Blogs

Consumer Tech-Gadgets Blogs // Developers’ Blogs // Tech Insiders’ Blogs

Security Blogs // Windows-Mac-Linux Blogs // Wonderfully Geeky Blogs

Highly Recommended Tech Blogs

Most Popular Tech Blogs // Major Media Tech Blogs // Enterprise Tech Blogs

Consumer Tech-Gadgets Blogs // Developers’ Blogs // Tech Insiders’ Blogs

Security Blogs // Windows-Mac-Linux Blogs // Wonderfully Geeky Blogs

Highly Recommended Tech Blogs

Tech Blogs: Insiders

Pssst! Did you hear about…? Informed commentary, rumor and red-hot scuttlebutt – served up fresh and uncensored.

108) Werner Vogels: All Things Distributed
Naturally, Werner Vogels promotes Amazon – he’s the cloud pioneer’s CTO. But he goes beyond that to offers insight into larger issues in cloud computing, databases and IT, mixing in some interesting personal asides.

109) I, Cringely: Cringley on Technology
This is original Robert X. Cringely (there are more than one – it’s a long story). Having earned his street cred with decades in the tech biz, Cringely covers consumer tech and life in general with a sharp anti-conformist bent.

110) Seth Finkelstein’s Infothought
Seth Finkelstein, a programmer, lists his subject area as “Wikipedia, Google, censorware, and an inside view of net-politics.”

111) Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols
Veteran open source pundit Vaughn-Nichols promotes Linux on the desktop and in business. Here’s a second Linux-related bloghe writes.

112) Esther Schindler
Thoughts on open source and programming – and myriad other topics – from an experienced pundit who can translate complex technology into clear writing.

113) Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google and SEO
Cutts, a software engineer and head of Google’s Webspam team, covers a lot of Internet-related issues. An important blog for dedicated Google watchers.

114) Beyond VC
A venture capitalist who chronicles venture funding, Ed Sims is the managing director of Dawntreader Ventures, which invests in an extensive portfolio of emerging tech firms. Reading his posts is like being a fly on the wall as key funding decisions are brokered.

115) Henry Blodget: The Business Insider
I confess to being a big fan of Blodget. Okay, granted, during the dotcom bubble Blodget got into trouble for conflict of interest, but his comments on tech/finance are some of the most interesting reads on the Web.

116) WebNewser
News about the Web and the constantly churning mediasphere, WebNewser gives you something to yak about around the water cooler. The crew includes witty media observer Chris Nerney.

117) Leo Laporte
Laporte is a well-known figure in the tech world, with a Webcast, Friendfeed, and just about every other medium for connecting with his audience. But his blog (at least on a recent visit) seems mainly about himself and his show. (Full disclosure: I’ll always be a fan of Laporte because he once interviewed me on his TechTV show and was a very gracious host.)

118) Marc Andreessen
I would have removed Andreessen’s blog from the list – it appears inactive. But he claims that he’ll be back soon with fresh content, and Andreessen – an insider even among insiders – gets a special pass. Having co-founded Netscape, and more recently the social network Ning, he’s also on the board of Facebook and eBay. He really gets around.

119) Esther Dyson
A pundit since the late ‘90s dotcom frenzy (if not before) Dyson has extensive experience as a venture capitalist. She blogs about Web business and social media, among other topics.

120) Scott Rosenberg’s Wordyard
This former managing editor of Salon has written a book about blogging, Say Everything, that covers the medium’s history and larger context. His personal blog is a well-written discourse on the media-tech landscape.

121) Technology Entries: Dealscape
Pssst! Have you hear about the upcoming acquisition? Whispers and murmurs about tech deals and business relationships you might not hear elsewhere.

122) Good Morning Silicon Valley
He’s still at it: John Murrell offers a lively mix of tech business news, intelligently and entertainingly written.

123) VentureBeat
Did you know that Twitter is valued at about $1 billion? You would if you read this blog about the business of tech, which focuses on consumer tech news and trends. Written by a full staff, including major tech pundit Paul Boutin.

124) Google Blogoscoped
Everything you’d want to know about the search giant that rules the world (or at least everything that’s publicly knowable). Among its past highpoints: it broke the news about the release of Google Chrome.

125) Ron Miller
Short, pointed posts and copious links about, well, pretty much everything: Apple, open source, software, Web publishing, eBooks, Gmail. Miller has been a tech journalist for 20 years.

126) John Dvorak Uncensored
Due to his affiliation with Marketwatch, veteran pundit John Dvorak has a loud megaphone. Crusty, contrarian and straight-forward, you clearly know his attitude toward whatever consumer or business tech issue he’s addressing. The link above is his personal blog; here’s his work on Marketwatch, John Dvorak’s Second Opinion.

127) Mark Cuban Blog Maverick
A colorful character. Having scored bundles of cash back in the dotcom madness, Cuban now does what he wants, including penning a very non-shy blog about the Internet, media and a variety of odds and ends.

128) Device Guru
Hardware, chips, embedded processors, and robotics, covered in pithy detail by Rick Lehrbaum, a blogger with extensive industry experience.

Most Popular Tech Blogs // Major Media Tech Blogs // Enterprise Tech Blogs

Consumer Tech-Gadgets Blogs // Developers’ Blogs // Tech Insiders’ Blogs

Security Blogs // Windows-Mac-Linux Blogs // Wonderfully Geeky Blogs

Highly Recommended Tech Blogs

Most Popular Tech Blogs // Major Media Tech Blogs // Enterprise Tech Blogs

Consumer Tech-Gadgets Blogs // Developers’ Blogs // Tech Insiders’ Blogs

Security Blogs // Windows-Mac-Linux Blogs // Wonderfully Geeky Blogs

Highly Recommended Tech Blogs

Tech Blogs: Security/Cybercrime

The inside scoop on the never-ending effort to fight the black hatters who plague our computers.

129) Michael Horowitz: Defensive Computing
Protect your PC and your home network with the help of the very knowledgeable – and very readable – Michael Horowitz, a straight shooter who focuses on hands-on practical advice. Also, read his columns on eSecurity Planet on subjects like The Best Way to Remove Viruses, Spyware and other Malware and The Best Security for Wireless Networks.

130) Schneier on Security
When it comes to cybersecurity issues, Bruce Schneier is the dude. Software, the Web, hardware, policies – his blog entries tend to be not only smart but also long and in-depth.

131) Wired’s Danger Room
Exceptionally up-to-the minute coverage of cyber threats, combined with smart industry insight. Plenty of stuff about government and media.

132) Brian Krebs’s Security Fix
The Washington Postoffers Brian Krebs a tall platform and he lives up to the challenge. This deep and widely inclusive resource attracts a lot of eyeballs.

133) Network Security Blog
Longtime blogger Martin McKeay holds forth on the continual battle against spammers, hackers, and black-hatters. For instance, How’s Your Phishing Savvy?discusses how even security pros can be seduced by phishing campaigns.

134) Richard Stiennon: Network Security, Hackking Cyber Warfare
Yes, his blog has moved around. Yet Richard Stiennon, a well-known name in the enterprise security business, is worth following as he hop-scotches around.

135) The IT Security Guy
Blogger Joel Dubin authored The Little Black Book of Computer Security, which is geared for IT security managers. His blog is an interesting mix of mainstream stuff (like how Michael Jackson’s death certificate was leaked) and insider stuff (like IBM’s acquisition of Ounce Labs).

136) Microsoft Security Response Center
Right from the horse’s mouth, the bulletins and updates you’ll need for Microsoft security vulnerabilities. Sign up for a live alert to keep yourself constantly updated.

137) Richard Bejtlich’s Tao Security
The personal blog of Richard Bejtlich, director of incident response for General Electric. Deeply technical – down to the code level – and quite frank. For instance, writing about a security problem with Windows XP, he concluded, “I think it’s time to tell Microsoft this situation is not acceptable.”

138) Securosis
Securosis is an research firm, or, as they describe it, “We’re just some security geeks who also happen to be industry analysts.” Uncensored opinion on privacy, app security, physical and home security, and many other cybersecurity issues.

139) Rational Survivability
Deep thought from Chris Hoff about complex enterprise security issues, like: Multitenancy as a Cloud Attribute. The Battle for the Hypervisor. Will Virtualization Undermine Network Equipment Issues?

140) Mark Collier’s VoIP Security Blog
Covers the unique security challenges posed by voice over Internet communication protocols, with external links and guest posts as well as Collier’s analysis.

141) Kim Cameron’s Identity Weblog
Cameron, the architect of Identity and Access at Microsoft, offers in-depth analysis about protecting yourself against the epidemic of identity theft. Plus: check out his extensive blogroll of security experts.

142) Mike Rothman’s Security Incite
Written with a conversational, easy-to-read voice, Rothman’s blog delves into information security marketplace and offers comment on major security news stories.

143) Christopher Boyd’s
Penned by a Microsoft MVP and director of malware research for FaceTime Security Labs, this blog is entertainingly written, with plenty of stuff about consumer tech security.

Most Popular Tech Blogs // Major Media Tech Blogs // Enterprise Tech Blogs

Consumer Tech-Gadgets Blogs // Developers’ Blogs // Tech Insiders’ Blogs

Security Blogs // Windows-Mac-Linux Blogs // Wonderfully Geeky Blogs

Highly Recommended Tech Blogs

Most Popular Tech Blogs // Major Media Tech Blogs // Enterprise Tech Blogs

Consumer Tech-Gadgets Blogs // Developers’ Blogs // Tech Insiders’ Blogs

Security Blogs // Windows-Mac-Linux Blogs // Wonderfully Geeky Blogs

Highly Recommended Tech Blogs

Windows–Mac–Linux Blogs

Three different operating systems, each with a cadre of diehard experts. Warning: not everyone on this page agrees with one another.

Microsoft Windows Blogs

144) Ed Bott’s Windows Expertise
Ed Bott is one of theexperts when it comes to Windows. His deeply knowledgeable posts have earned him a big following. His blog’s motto; “Yes, I’m a PC. You got a problem with that?”

145) Todd Bishop’s Microsoft Blog
Todd Bishop gained renown as the chief Microsoft watcher for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (which still has a Microsoft blog) and has now launched his own publication, TechFlash. Timely insider-ish analysis of all things Windows-Microsoft.

146) Paul Thurrott’s WinInfo
Still at it after all these years. Thurrot is a longtime pundit and thought shaper in the Windows community.

147) Microsoft’s Windows Blog
Redmond’s official blogs for news and development about the Windows OS, written for a tech-savvy audience. All the latest about Windows 7, along with Windows Server, mobile, gaming, Office, security, and more.

148) Long Zheng’s I Started Something
This resident of Melbourne, Australia is just 21-year-old, but he writes a smart and (sometimes) funny about Windows software. Focus on consumer tech, gaming, mobile.

149) Ron Barrett’s A Better Windows World
Barrett, a longtime IT professional who co-authored a book on Windows Server 2008, knows the Windows OS inside out. His blog travels far afield to many Windows-related topics like back-up and virtualization for Windows.

Apple Macintosh

150) Macworld Weblogs
An all-inclusive portal of blogs covering every conceivable Mac topic, with the venerable Macworld. Includes in-depth analysis by longtime editor Jason Snell.

151) Daring Fireball
John Gruber is a passionate Mac expert, with pithy, sugar-free comments about the full range of Apple toys. Includes links to all many of Apple stuff across the Web.

152) AppleInsider
Apple fandom at its most obsessive, with a focus on product news and pricing. The blog hosts a non-scientific poll about “who’s the most accurate Apple analyst?” Current winner is Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster.

153) Mac Rumors
Leaked news, stray tidbits, analysis of possible trends, insider chat – everything about the Mac platform. Famed Apple blogger Arnold Kim updates his enormously popular blog with the help of a small staff. By the way, here’s an interesting articleabout Kim and his life as a Mac blogger.

154) Cult of Mac
Big photos and easy-to-read copy geared for a mass consumer audience. All the Mac news, plus a sprinkling of Apple trivia and rumor that’s as arcane as any on the Web.

Linux / Free and Open Source

155) Matt Asay: The Open Road
People know who Matt Asay is and tend to pay attention to what he says – he has genuine “thought leader” status in the Linux community. Hosted by the venerable CNET.

156) SourceForge Community Blog
You know SourceForge, right? It’s a veritable hotbed of Linux coding. Its blog offer news and commentary about open source in general and the zillions of projects hosted at SourceForge.

157) Linux Today Blog
Penned by Linux guru Carla Schroder, this blog explores the latest news that’s sparking conversation among Linux advocates.

158) Mark Shuttleworth’s Blog
No, Mark Shuttleworth doesn’t post too much – he must be seriously busy -– but this blog reveals the thoughts of an immensely important figures in Linux.

159) Aaron Seigo
As an influential developer driving KDE, Siego’s blog provides the ultimate insider’s view on KDE development.

160) Stormy’s Corner: Stormy Peters
Executive Director of the Gnome Foundation, Peters is an energetic and articulate advocate for the open source desktop. Her smart post about women in open sourcegenerated a big discussion.

161) Miquel de Icaza’s Web Log
Remarkably, GNOME and Mono founder Icaza not only does all his current projects, he’s also a prolific blogger. Definitely a thought leader in the Linux community.

162) Jim Zemlin
If you want wild-eyed partisanship, you won’t get it from Zemlin, the executive director of the Linux Foundation. Instead, look for smart, thoughtful comment on the ever burgeoning open source advance in enterprise and consumer tech.

163) Free Software Foundation
Deeply partisan analysis from one of the frontline organizations in the free software movement. These folks are so committed they still refer to Linux as “GNU/Linux.” Probably in deference to founding member Richard Stallman, who churns out a blog post now and then.

164)’s Featured Blogs is no longer the font of freelance opinion it was before being acquired by the Linux Foundation. Yet its Featured Blogs do include well-informed commentary by the likes of Brian Proffitt and Jim Zemlin.

165) The Linux Blog
Analysis and off-the-cuff punditry on Fedora, Thunderbird, PostgreSQL and other open source topics.

166) Groklaw
The famed Groklaw is still going strong, far past the SCO case that first brought the blog to prominence. Oddly, though, the byline of founder Pamela Jones was not seen during a recent visit. Is that her posting under the byline “Anonymous”?

167) Sexy Sexy Penguins
Clint Savage is a Linux teacher, so it’s no surprise his blog offers help down to the code level about the open source OS.

168) Ken Hess’s Linux Blog
Ken Hess is a passionate Linux advocate who’s not afraid to point out the weaknesses in open source software. For instance, Has Linux Fallen into a Well?


Bruce Byfield’s Off the Beat
Clearly one of the top Linux pundits, Byfield covers the open source desktop with true expertise. You also might peruse his Linux articleshere on Datamation.

Most Popular Tech Blogs // Major Media Tech Blogs // Enterprise Tech Blogs

Consumer Tech-Gadgets Blogs // Developers’ Blogs // Tech Insiders’ Blogs

Security Blogs // Windows-Mac-Linux Blogs // Wonderfully Geeky Blogs

Highly Recommended Tech Blogs

Most Popular Tech Blogs // Major Media Tech Blogs // Enterprise Tech Blogs

Consumer Tech-Gadgets Blogs // Developers’ Blogs // Tech Insiders’ Blogs

Security Blogs // Windows-Mac-Linux Blogs // Wonderfully Geeky Blogs

Highly Recommended Tech Blogs

Wonderfully Geeky Tech Blogs

Tech blogs unafraid to get into the nitty gritty, the bits and the bytes of technology. Plus all the top tech blogs that don’t fit into a clear category.

169) Larry Magid’s
Longtime tech columnist Larry Magid blogs about personal tech with the emphasis on real world advice. His posts are full, carefully crafted articles.

170) Ask Dave Taylor: Free Tech Support
A great resource that just keeps churning out useful tech support help. How do I get my friends a free copy of my iPhone app? How do online affiliate programs work? Any many more straight-to-the-point tutorials about style sheets, HTML, Windows, Mac…

171) David Strom’s Web Informant
Having written for most every IT publication in existence – and edited a few – Strom offers his deep tech expertise on networking, security, virtualization, software, wireless, and more.

It’s hard to tell if there’s an organizing theme here, but there is a whole mess of software/DRM/personal tech posts commented on by a large readership. Many posts per day on gaming, Windows 7, security, Apple, Twitter, etc.

173) Jon Gordon’s Future Tense
The tech expert from public radio takes on topics like Windows 7, PC security, and the effect of the Internet on democracy. Interesting bonus: you can download an MP3 of any post if you want to listen on the run.

174) Paul StamatiouThe 23-year-old Atlanta-based Web developer is passionate about all things tech-related. Plenty of tech reviews and practical geeky advice.

175) ProBlogger Blog Tips
Possibly the best blogging advice spot on the Web. Darren Rowse maintains a sprawling always-active hub site for blogging education, crammed full of resources to help you build traffic, with the ultimate goal to create revenue.

176) Free Download a Day
You have to love free software downloads to enjoy this constantly updated bog. One free download a day, focusing on Linux, Windows and Mac software.

177) Daniel Eran Dilger’ Roughly Drafted
Helmed by Dilger with the assistance of a small crew, Rougly Drafted leans toward Apple Mac coverage, yet also skewers Windows, jabs other bloggers and is generally culturally hip.

178) Grand Stream Dreams
Claus Valco is a Windows sysadmins and project manager who writes long, technically detailed posts about a sprawling smorgasbord of tech topics. A whole lot of links along with the deep analysis.

179) Kuro5hin
Whew – here’s a dose of peripatetic geekiness for you. Ubuntu, Firefox 3.5, the Nintendo Wii, and then it starts to drift out into the idiosyncratic. You just have to see it for yourself.

180) Joho the Blog
David Weinberger is a well-respected tech thinker and co-author of the famed The Cluetrain Manifesto, a set of ideas for leveraging the Web-based marketplace. His blog veers from technology to politics to well, anything. He recommended that Ellen Degneres should go open source, posted an interview about cultural change in large corporations, and wrote at length about “The Temptation of Stories” (about storytelling in journalism). How’s that for an active mind?

181) Joi Ito’s Web
The CEO of Creative Commonsand a well-known early stage venture capitalist, Ito tends to focus on the tech business. But his chronicles include anything from his travels between, say, Japan, Chicago and Dubai.

182) Geek Culture
Sure, the blog’s fine, but most noteworthy is its Joy of Tech comic strip, one of the savviest and best drawn tech-related strips on the Net.

183) RFID Weblog
A detailed blog about the niche topic of radio frequency identification technology (RFID), with plenty of background and archival info about RFID.

184) Hard/OCP
The latest news and trends about PC and notebook hardware, processor chips and gaming, posted along with analysis of IT headlines. Well done.

185) Geek and Poke
Talented comic creator Oliver Widder, an IT guy living in Hamburg, Germany, draws and writes comics that actually make technology funny. Updated often. I’m a big fan of Widder’s work.

186) Z Trek: The Alan Zeichick Weblog
IT, software development, security, and networking, with a touch of humor from the Bay Area consultant-editor.

An interesting and idiosyncratic voice, Kottke is apparently interested in all kinds of things, including whether the human soul has weight and the hidden structure of Jackson Pollack’s paintings. He also touches upon advanced trends in technology from time to time.

188) Stephen O’Grady’s Tecosystems
A rich collection of links, accompanied by some smart analysis: open source, security, cloud computing, the Red Sox, and other germane tech musings.

189) CinemaTech
This blog seems to get better with the years. Informed commentary about the intersection of movies, entertainment and technology, written by longtime tech chronicler Scott Kirsner. CinemaTech benefits from lively comment feedback.

Most Popular Tech Blogs // Major Media Tech Blogs // Enterprise Tech Blogs

Consumer Tech-Gadgets Blogs // Developers’ Blogs // Tech Insiders’ Blogs

Security Blogs // Windows-Mac-Linux Blogs // Wonderfully Geeky Blogs

Highly Recommended Tech Blogs

Most Popular Tech Blogs // Major Media Tech Blogs // Enterprise Tech Blogs

Consumer Tech-Gadgets Blogs // Developers’ Blogs // Tech Insiders’ Blogs

Security Blogs // Windows-Mac-Linux Blogs // Wonderfully Geeky Blogs

Highly Recommended Tech Blogs

Highly Recommended Tech Blogs

Some of the most well-written and thought provoking technology blogs.

190) Pogue’s Posts – NYTimes
The New York Times’gadget guy, David Pogue is, quite simply, great. A conversational, entertaining writer, remarkably knowledgeable, his guidance about consumer tech is respected across the tech industry. Check him out for the iPhone, email, camcorders and much more.

191) Steve Rubel’s Micro Persuasion
“Blogging feels old,” wrote Steve Rubel, a senior VP at Edelman Digital, “Publishing is all about the flow.” He now holds forth in what he calls his “Lifestream” – a hub of his various social networks. Oddly, you can visit the page and…it looks exactly like a blog. No matter, Rubel analyzes the intersection of technology and media with great awareness and a readable tone.

192) Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail
The Wired editor is a thought leader whose book The Long Tail helped place the term into standard usage; his newest bestseller, Free, is also sparking conversations. His blog is full of fresh and interesting ruminations on digital culture.

193) SearchEngineLand
Led by Danny Sullivan, arguably the most famous name in coverage of search engines, this massively trafficked blog delves into all aspects of SEO and search engine marketing. For more blogs about search engines, take a gander at the Top 25 SEO blogs, which naturally lists the esteemed Bruce Clay.

194) Chris Pirillo
Host of the uber-geek conference Gnomedex, and the founder of the tech portal Lockergnome, the peripatetic Pirillo blogs – often with video – about everythingtech-related: how to buy a hard drive, online coupons, Mega64. Prillo claims he produces 1,000 videos a year.

195) Shtetl-Optimized: The Blog of Scott Aaronson
Clearly one of the most quirky-brilliant minds in the nerdosphere, this MIT professor blogs about topics like Essentials of complexity-theoretic stand-up comedy and What is it like to be a nerd?Highly entertaining.

196) Paid Content
The news site as blogging portal: Rafat Ali and his crew have earned a spot at the very top of the “news about media” heap. As the Internet reshapes every media field – from TV to advertising – Paid Content blogs about it incessantly in real time.

197) John Battelle’s Searchblog
Long time Web participant/observer John Battelle analyzes the confluence of search, media and technology. He interviews the likes of General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt and he authored the respected The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture. Among his interesting posts is I Blew It on Facebook.

198) Wolfe’s Den
The expertise of veteran tech observer Alex Wolfe travels far and wide, from Windows 7 to eBooks to SaaS to Richard Stallman to, well – it just keeps going. Intelligently and interestingly written. Who else can veer from Cory Doctorow to Abbie Hoffman’s Steal This Book?

199) Nicholas Carr’s Rough Type
A thoughtful and engaging writer, Carr’s Atlantic magazine piece Is Google Making Us Stupid?(the answer: yes) prompted copious blogging among the chattering classes. That same quality of piquant, entertaining analysis is on display regularly at Rough Type.

200) Scobleizer
The famed Robert Scoble – onetime Microsoft evangelist, currently a Rackspace employee – is as immersed in Internet media as any living, breathing human being can be. A pioneer in the blogging space, his blog can be read as a kind of “mood of the zeitgeist” template, with his posts (sometimes rants) reflecting what the Web chattering class is most preoccupied with. For example, his diatribe about Twitter’s suggested user list, or his critique of Google Wave.

201) Doc Searls Weblog
Senior editor of Linux Journal and co-author of the Cluetrain Manifesto, Searls ruminates on an unpredictable array of tech topics, along with many topics beyond tech. His posts are full-length articles, like this piece about the value of Twitter and the history of the Web.

202) Slashdot
Okay, Slashdot isn’t exactly a blog – well, it kind of is. The constantly fresh postings come from its legion of deeply opinionated techies and are moderated by its small team of veteran editors (with help from users). Call it a shotgun wedding between a blog and a social networking site. At any rate, Slashdot is an essential, irreverent gathering spot for the geek-tech universe.

203) Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik
The Web Analytics Evangelist for Google and an ultimate SEO expert, Kaushik recently released his second book, Web Analytics 2.0. It’s the follow-up to the popular Web Analytics: An Hour a Day, Kaushik not only knows his stuff, he puts out with charm and generosity.

James Maguire is the managing editor of Datamation.

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