Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Pentagon to Unveil Cybersecurity Strategy

Washington Post: On Thursday, the Pentagon will unveil its plans for a new domain of warfare — cybersspace. Officials are working hard to emphasize the defensive nature of the U.S.’s efforts in this area. “Far from militarizing cyberspace, our strategy of securing networks to deny the benefit of an attack will help dissuade military actors from using cyberspace for hostile purposes,” reads a draft of the speech that will accompany the release of the policy.

“Although it is certainly possible that a destructive or disruptive cyber attack could have an impact analogous to physical hostilities and therefore constitute an act of war, the vast majority of malicious cyber activity today would not cross this threshold, or justify a military response,” it adds.

Military officials have confirmed that they have developed cyberweapons, including viruses.

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