Thursday, February 2, 2023

Mobile Security’s Future: 4 Expert Predictions

InformationWeek: Security experts say the growth of smartphones will mean big changes for enterprise mobility. Here are four trends that mobile security pros should watch:

  1. More Alluring Means More Threats — “As more people put sensitive data on their phones or use their phones to do sensitive things, like banking or shopping online, then slowly the malware authors and cybercrminal-type guys are going to go after the devices,” says consultant and white hat hacker Charlie Miller.
  2. Work Separates From Play — “You are running business software on this phone that you are doing personal stuff as well–that’s a concern for companies,” says assistant professor William Enck. “There is a need for providing systems to create some separation between the apps you are running personally, and the apps you are running for business.”
  3. Patching Becomes Quicker — Android researcher Tim Vidas says vendors need to start issuing security patches more quickly, and enterprises need a way to push out those patches to end users right away.
  4. Location Tracking Does More — Companies want to be able to be able to control which apps a user can access based on their location; for example, brokers on the trading floor shouldn’t be able to access Facebook.

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