Monday, February 6, 2023

Microsoft: 75% of Enterprises Plan to Launch Big Data Projects

Microsoft has released the results of a survey which found that three-quarters of mid-size to large enterprises plan to launch a big data project within the next year. The announcement comes as part of Microsoft’s week-long focus on big data.

In its press release, Microsoft wrote, “More than 75 percent of midsize to large businesses are implementing big data-related solutions within the next 12 months — with customer care, marketing and sales departments increasingly driving demand, according to new Microsoft Corp. research released today.”

Darryl K. Taft with eWeek added, “According to Microsoft’s ‘Global Enterprise Big Data Trends: 2013’ study, seventeen percent of customers surveyed said they are in the early stages of researching big data solutions, whereas 13 percent have fully deployed them; nearly 90 percent of customers surveyed said they have a dedicated budget for addressing big data.”

Silicon Republic noted, “At the moment, the IT department (52 percent) is driving most of the big data demand, but customer care (41 percent), sales (26 percent), finance (23 percent) and marketing (23 percent) are catching up more and more.” quoted Microsoft’s Eron Kelly, who said, “It’s an inevitable reality of our new world that more and more data is being generated. Those able to derive insights from that data will make better decisions and will be more efficient, and they’ll move whatever agenda it is that they have forward much faster than those that don’t.”

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