Monday, February 6, 2023

IT Recruiting a Casualty of the Recession

NetworkWorld: During the recession when companies stopped hiring, many of those companies laid off their IT recruiters. Now that they’re hiring again, those layoffs may hurt them, observers say. “When you start to recruit back, you start to experience all the signs of the hiatus, the laziness and the remission,” says Paul Rowson, managing director at non-profit WorldatWork. “Any time you stop using a muscle and you don’t exercise it, you can’t just spring into action again.”

“As we enter into this tacit economic recovery, companies that don’t have a recruiting staff can’t be aggressive about getting people in. The danger for these organizations is that if you don’t address the problem, it just grows and grows and grows,” says Yoh’s Joel Capperella. “The top quartile of companies that care about how they manage and strategically plan their talent will be fine, but that leaves 75% that will inevitably have to compete on wages.”

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