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IT Job Search: The 30 Best IT Job Sites

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Using IT job sites to their best advantage requires more than trolling through them for attractive openings.

Sure, you can continuously scan the big IT job mega-portals, like CareerBuilder IT Jobs, IT Jobs and Yahoo Tech Jobs. Another popular option is Indeed’s Computer/Internet Jobs, an aggregator of listings from other sites.

But to get the most from these IT job sites you need a formula to guide your search. One such formula goes like this: 2 general purpose sites + 3 niche sites. That is, use a total of five sites, combining two mega-portals like Monster IT and three niche sites like Java Jobs and SAP Jobs.

This formula was created by Peter Weddle, editor of the famed Guide to Employment Web Sites. Its goal is to cover the entire IT job market without requiring you to scan every site.

Key point: After you pick your five sites, it’s a good idea to use the automatic notification tools these sites offer, the daily or weekly emails. Also, keep in mind these
Tips on Getting a Better IT Job.

IT Job Sites

IT Manager Jobs

Hosted by, IT Manager Jobs ranges from Application Development to Database to the always-needed Project Manager. Note: is worth searching for virtually any IT job.


Arguably the best known and most popular of the IT-centric job boards. Its listings have fallen dramatically in 2009, yet at last count it still posted some 55,000 IT jobs.


Covering a broad range of IT professionals, it offers a plethora of sub sites like JustJavaJobs, JustSAPJobs, JustWebJobs and JustNetworkingJobs.


Focusing on programming and Web development, along with fresh listings for SEO, software architect, Q/A testing and others.

Graduating Engineer

Sure, it’s not reasonable to think the highest paid jobs are here, but this is an interesting and needed IT job niche site. For fresh grads, it offers a list of starting salaries (churned out by, along with job interview tips.

Craigslist: Search by City or State

The sprawling Craigslist grows bigger by the day. The site requires you to drill down by city or state. The upside of Craigslist is its size, with many employers using it. The downside is that some employers complain that they get a slew of unqualified applicants from this mega site. Still, it’s considered a good place to hunt for an IT job.

37Signals Job Board

This site provides IT job listings from plenty of other sites. It offers programming and design jobs, as well as a cornucopia of other tech jobs, from project manager to digital user analyst.

Java DB, Java Studio, Java ME – a full menu of jobs requiring skill in this most popular programming language.

Java Job Network

If your Java pro, post your resume or scan the full range of Java jobs.

Oracle Jobs

Oracle skills: database architects, consultants, designers. (Sure, Oracle itself just suffered a round of layoffs, but that doesn’t mean Oracle skills are highly marketable.)

The Ladders: Technology Jobs

Lists jobs that pay $100k or more a year, many of which are IT jobs. (In fact, after management jobs, the largest category at the site is technology jobs.)


Check out the prices bid for freelance PHP coding. Are you getting the going rate?

Google Job Search

Not an IT job site but a directory of job sites, you can filter the job sites by category. Also helpful: the directory offers lists of resume advice and job recruiters.

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IEEE Job Site

IEEE was originally an acronym for Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, yet over the years the group has expanded its scope, so it’s job listings go far beyond the electrical engineer category.

IT Jobs at CW Jobs

Based on the UK, the IT Specialist sites lists about 10,000 IT jobs, focusing on contract jobs.


After Silicon Valley, New York is the tech center of the U.S., with tens of thousands of IT jobs.


A job listing site combined with a social networking site for IT pros. Post your photo and resume, and make contact with your fellow tech job hunters.

Jobs for Programmers

Online for eight years, Jobs for Programmers has a companion site,
Programming from Home


Founded in 1995, the site won a Weddle’s “User Choice” award in 2007. It’s owned by, which also owns ComputerWork.

PHP Jobs

PHP is one popular programming language, and, as seen by these listings, the job openings span the country and the globe.


This is the U.S. government’s job search portal, though there plenty of IT jobs. (It’s possible the U.S. government might be one of the best places to find a job in this downturn.)


Freelance tech work; the site is popular among programmers and tech support staff from developing countries.

Information Technology Crossing

One of the few boards that requires you to pay, which it claims makes it a more exclusive service. Charging users allows the site to not charge employers, which ITC says draws more total IT job ads.

Vault: Technology Jobs

In addition to an IT job board, Vault offers scads of insider information on companies and educational programs. Motto: “Vault, don’t climb.”


Many of these jobs are in fields like distribution or manufacturing, but the site has a dedicated “systems/ IT” section. (And of course companies that do logistic support are some of the biggest IT employers.)

Net Temps: Info Tech

Focuses on short term or contract work, which is a perennial source of many IT gigs (and probably still more in the years ahead).

RoadTechs: Computer and Telecom

Dedicated to short term (or “indefinite term”) work, RoadTechs touts itself “the interactive site for the traveling contractor.”

Slashdot Jobs

No doubt about it: plenty of uber-geeks visit this board, which lists every kind of IT job. The board is powered by


Focused on tech jobs in UK and Europe, this board offers a wide array of both temp and full-time IT jobs.

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