Monday, February 6, 2023

Intel’s Plan to Revamp Data Centers

On Monday, Intel unveiled its vision of the data center of the future. It’s a vision where the entire data center is software-defined and Intel chips run it all.

AnandTech’s Johan De Gelas reported, “This week, Intel is hosting a datacenter event in San Francisco. The basic message is that the datacenter should be much more flexible and that the datacenter should be software defined. So when a new software service is launched, storage, network and compute should all be adapted in a matter of minutes instead of weeks.”

The Wall Street Journal’s Don Clark explained, “Intel and other companies… are trying to replace that manual process with software that can essentially take control of the resources they need. ‘We need to get the application to be in charge and request capacity as needed,’ said Diane Bryant, senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s data center and connected systems group.”

eWeek also quoted Bryant, who said, “Our goal is that all data center workloads, regardless of what they are, run best on Intel Architecture.”

PCMag’s Damon Poeter noted, “In the end, Intel is looking to completely ‘re-architect the data center,’ Bryant said, in an effort to promote a new ‘virtuous cycle’ of computing, which will see the accelerating needs of mobile-device equipped end users and growing machine-to-machine infrastructure met by a more scalable, efficient back end. ‘We need technology solutions that are easy to deploy, lower cost, and easier to deploy at scale,’ she said.”

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