Thursday, December 1, 2022

HP Counsel Baskins Resigns

Ann Baskins, Hewlett-Packard’s general counsel, has resigned increasing the ranks of ex-HP executives testifying at today’s House hearings about their role in a conspiracy to snoop on several reporters.

Baskins’ resignation came just hours before a number of HP officials are scheduled to appear before Congress about their role in what the computer maker’s CEO Mark Hurd termed a “rogue operation.”

“She has put the interests of HP above her own and that is to be commended,” said Hurd in a statement said Thursday.

Today’s resignation follows two other employees leaving the company earlier this week.

Tuesday, Kevin Hunsaker, the firm’s senior counsel and ethics director, along with Anthony Gentilucci, HP Boston’s security manager, resigned in the wake of the unfolding scandal.

Former HP chairperson Patricia Dunn resigned last Friday.

Dunn plans to tell Congress today she only learned pretexting was used in a company investigation of boardroom media leaks until after the probe concluded.

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